Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Adhesive Tapes

Matco Gripfoot Conformable | Anti-Slip Surface Tape

Gripfoot Conformable Anti-Slip Surface Tape, cleat or tiles. Its self-adhesive foiled backing allows for ‘rolling’ or ‘hammering’

Kenoron Product | Diamond® Surface Protection Tape

Diamond® Surface Protection Tape is a temporary protective mask designed for use on mirror finish to matt finish surfaces. It provides excellent protection for painted or treated aluminium, plastics, polycarbonate sheets, powder coated surfaces & similar surfaces.

Matco Gripfoot

Matco Gripfoot is an abrasive grit ‘anti-slip’ products with self-adhesive backing available in tapes, cleats and tiles. It provides additional grip.

Matco COBAtape

COBAtape is a floor tape that is for pedestrian use only. This self-adhesive backed PVC floor tape is designed to effectively mark lines on floors.

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