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Grease separator EasyClean round free Biological grease treatment Bifena Grease separator chemical treatment Coalescence separator EasyOil free Starch separators EasyStarch free

Grease separators product range

Grease separators prevent the environment from being contaminated by greasy wastewater and contribute to the trouble-free operation of sewage treatment plants.

Sky Air Product catalogue 2022 for professionals

Daikin envisions a world with healthier indoor air while reducing our environmental impact. Driven by a dedication to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, we provide safe, healthy and comfortable spaces throughout the building life cycle using world-leading technology.

Krantz | Ventilation: Constant Air Volume Diffuser

Krantz Ambient constant air volume diffuser offers an economical solution for the air distribution on both open plan and cellular applications.

Fixed Louvre Wall Chart

Fixed Louvre Wall Chart

Van Acht Glass & Aluminium Windows & Doors

At VAGA ( Van Acht Glass and Aluminium) we strive to maintain the same quality and service with which we have been associated with over the last 30years. Advantages of ALUMINIUM – Strong material – Larger sizes available – Longevity and low maintenance – Strong market awareness – Availability – Versatile – Wide price range

Solent Fans Showcase Catalogue 2021

Showcase Catalogue 2020 Solent Fans, enhance your style and keep cool. Novelty fans to aluminium brushed blades or high breeze fans…

Soluva Air V continuously cleans the cabin air of buses

Soluva ® Air V continuously cleans the cabin air of buses and other public transport vehicles while transporting passengers – reliably and efficiently.

UV-C light is part of the natural light spectrum

UV-C light is part of the natural light spectrum. A wavelength of 254nm is reliably suitable for disinfection. The genetic material of viruses is destroyed

Wood Blade Installation and Fan Imbalance Solution

Wood Blade installation and fab imbalance solutions to common problems with wall and ceiling fans

Fixed Louvre Manual

Fixed Louvre Manual Crealco creative aluminium manufacturing & installations. Hardware, size limitation guide, cross-sectional detail.

Fixed Louvre

Fixed Louvre range of profiles is ideal for all residential solutions to assist in improving the thermal efficiency of a building.

Wall Mounted Unit: FAQ-C - Inverter

This wall mounted unit made or rooms with no false ceilings nor free floor space. The flat, stylish front panel blends easily within any interior décor and is easier to clean.

Wall Mounted Unit: FTXB-C - Inverter

Wall mounted unit for low energy consumption and pleasant comfort. The flat, stylish front panel blends easily within any interior décor and is easier to clean.

Fully Flat Cassette

The fully flat cassette integrates the latest technology with energy saving functions that enhance user comfort, all within a unique design that allows the visible panel to fit flush within standard architectural ceiling panels.

Downrod Length Calculation

Downrod length calculation, minimum height regulation, maximum height installation, fans mounted too high will affect the cooling efficiency.

Remote Instructions - All Remotes

Remote Instructions for Solent Ceiling Fans – ALL remotes installation instructions.

Pedestal Fan

The Solent pedestal fan is perfect for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Wall Fan

The Solent wall fan is driven by a BLDC, Brushless Direct Current, energy effiecient motor. This oscillating wall fan covers a large area to ensure total air circulation. The Solent wall fan is perfect for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions How do I place an order? What are the delivery/courier lead times?

Stab-A-Load | Kelley HVLS Fans

Kelly’s high volume low speed fans are designed to provide an energy-efficient solution for large spaces. Using the laws of physics and aerodynamics, HVLS fans require much less energy than traditional HVAC systems, and provide year-round employee comfort and temperature control.

R-32 Air Conditioner Factsheet

R-32 factsheet belongs to the category of lower flammable refrigerants (class 2L in ISO 817 standard), it can be safely applied in most air conditioner and heat pump applications. Instructions from the manufacturers of R-32 equipment and from suppliers of R-32 refrigerant cylinders must, of course, be followed, as must European and national safety rules – as is the case for any type of refrigerant.

Daikin | R32

The next generation refrigerant for air conditioners and heat pumps.

Daikin | Bluevolution

Only the best is good enough when it comes to your home. Now, Daikin has taken comfort to a whole new level by reimagining a pure atmosphere with its Bluevolution range. When you choose Daikin technologies, you can count on year-round comfort, energy efficiency, reliability and control.

Climate 5000 VRF: Joints

Climate 5000 VRF: Joints and Dimensions…

Climate 5000 VRF: Heat Recovery Ventilation Units (HRV)

The heat recovery ventilation unit (HRV) can regain heat energy lost through ventilation and reduce the room temperature fluctuation caused by the ventilation process. By utilising the most advanced technology and technics, Bosch HRV has extremely good performance. The heat exchanger core is made of special paper processed with chemical treatment, which could realise better temperature and humidity control of the room environment. Temperature exchange efficiency is above 65 % and enthalpy exchange efficiency between 50 – 65 %.

Climate 5000 VRF: Central Control Software

Intelligent Manager of Bosch, designed specifically to control VRF systems, is based on a centralised format and dedicated to the complete control and monitoring of all the system’s functions. It can be used as a flexible multi-purpose system and applied to a variety of needs, according to the scale, purpose and control method of each building.  To meet designers, consultants and installers requirements, Bosch has developed an advanced design automation tool that can be used in AutoCAD-based CAD version or Windows-based version. The software provides quick and convenient selectable options for users, supports multiple languages, and greatly improves the selection process.

Climate 5000 VRF: Control Systems

Outlining the different control systems for the Climate 5000 VRF system…

Climate 5000 VRF: Indoor Units Lineup

The following indoor units are available: Wall Mounted, Compact 4 Way Cassette, 4 Way Cassette, 1 Way Cassette, 2 Way Cassette, Slim Duct Types, Duct Types, High Static Pressure Duct, Fresh Air Processing Unit, Floor Standing With Cabinet, Ceiling & Floor…

Climate 5000 VRF: MDCI Series

Full DC Inverter Mini VRF with DC inverter compressor and DC fan motor delivers a highly efficient solution for small commercial buildings. Four to twelve rooms require only one outdoor unit, and individual control is enabled in each room.

Climate 5000 VRF: RDCI Series

The all DC inverter heat recovery series, which offers simultaneous cooling and heating operation in one system. The energy by-product from cooling or heating is transferred to where it is required by using the balanced heat exchanger function, which saves up to 50 % in costs compared with a conventional 2-pipe VRF system.

Climate 5000 VRF: SDCI Series

SDCI outdoor units achieve world’s largest capacity of 72 HP with the industry’s top class energy efficiency of cooling and heating. It supports an incredible piping length of 1,000 m and a longer level difference of 110 m, making it perfect for big-sized and high-rise buildings for wide application.

Climate 5000 VRF: Overview

Bosch is now offering not only heating, hot water and ventilation solutions, but also VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems for efficient air conditioning in commercial buildings. Thanks to variable refrigerant flow technology, the new Bosch VRF air conditioning systems are convenient and save valuable energy at the same time. They adapt their performance to current demand and therefore also work with outstanding efficiency under partial load. The systems consist of outdoor units and several inside units and can be utilised for both cooling and heating.

Multi-Split Application

Energy efficient heating & cooling for residential and light commercial applications. You can combine different types of indoor units. You can heat and cool of 3 to 5 separate rooms with only 1 outdoor unit and can have individual control per room. Operation range up to -20°C in heating.

Daikin Emura

Daikin Emura was designed to perfectly balance technological leadership and the beauty of aerodynamics. Daikin Emura once again proves that intelligent design can look great and deliver superior energy efficiency in climate control. So the indoor environment is optimised and architects, engineers and home owners get the ideal solution.

VRV IV S-Series

Compact VRV IV heat pumps for residential and light commercial applications. Daikin VRV IV S-series offers you the most compact VRV air conditioning solution ever. It’s ideal for environments where space is limited, has no visual impact and is quiet, so it is easy to comply with building regulations.

Wall Mounted Unit: FTYN-L - Non Inverter

Wall mounted unit for low energy consumption and pleasant comfort. The wide angle louvers provide comfortable airflow.

Wall Mounted Unit: FTXS-K/G - Inverter

This wall mounted unit has a discreet, modern design for optimal efficiency and comfort thanks to 2 area intelligent eye. Its smooth curve blends beautifully with the wall resulting in an unobtrusive presence that matches all interior décors.

Emura Air Conditioners

Daikin Emura delivers superior energy efficiency in climate control. So the indoor environment is optimised and architects, engineers and home owners get the ideal solution.

Light Commercial Series

Combining 4 ways air discharge and large discharge area on each side, Ceiling Cassette promote even air distribution. The additional feature of automatic air swing helps to distribute the conditioned air more evenly to every corner of the room.

Commercial / Industrial Series

Installed concealed above the ceiling, FD(Y)MP-DXV1 is designed to create more comfortable and healthier indoor air climate, while remaining hide away. This allows user to enjoy conditioned air without sacrificing room space or interior design creativity.

Emura Wall Mounted

The Daikin Emura wall mounted air conditioning unit is a remarkable blend of iconic design and engineering excellence. Its ultra-thin profile and elegant finish in matt crystal white or brushed aluminium mean it will complement any interior.

Round Flow Cassette

The round flow cassette is designed for use in all forms and sizes of commercial offices & retail environments. Today, Daikin has improved its technology even further to enhance your comfort and provide you better energy efficient models.

VRV IV 360 Efficiency

Our new VRV IV heat recovery systems set pioneering standards in all-round climate comfort performance. Total design simplicity, offering rapid installation, full flexibility as well as absolute efficiency and comfort.

Solent Ceiling Fans: Three Year Limited Warranty

Solent’s three year limited warranty.

Stab-A-Load | Hydor FM Series

Air Curtain Slim: modern industrial design ABS plastic casing, high air velocity, low power consumption and low noise, durable motor design achieves high efficiency and long life, operational height up to 2,5 meters.

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