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Curtain Walling

Facade 60 Curtain Wall

The Crealco Facade 60 curtain wall system is the latest cutting-edge product to be added to the Crealco product range. Outstanding thermal efficiency.

Facade 60 Flush Glaze Curtain Wall Brochure

Facade 60 Flush Glaze Curtain Wall Brochure offers a contemporary look while providing architects and designers design flexibility.

Facade 60 Flush Glaze Curtain Wall Manual

Facade 60 Flush Glaze Curtain Wall Manual profile and hardware identification, typical sections, machining details, glass thickness, condensed fabrication

Facade 60 Flush Glaze Curtain Wall Chart

Facade 60 Flush Glaze Curtain Wall Chart flush glazing non-thermal curtain wall system, profiles typical assembly details and glazing details.

ISO100 Curtain Wall | Aluplan

Recommended by architects and builders, the Aluplan curtain wall system will aesthetically enhance a project as a feature while providing light and space.

Dynaco M2 Emergency Exit Inside Door

The Dynaco M2 Emergency Exit is designed for inside applications with intensive use, combined with an emergency exit. An ingenious T-shaped cut in the middle of the curtain allows the two symmetric “flaps” to release an emergency exit, simply by pushing on the indicated spot. The absence of rigid elements in the curtain and the soft bottom edge make the Dynaco M2 Emergency Exit intrinsically safe.

Dynaco D-641 Power Outside Door

The Dynaco D-641 Power is specifically designed for medium sized outside applications with intensive use. It protects your environments against wind, rain, snow, dirt and extreme temperatures. Operating speed and perfect sealing properties improve your traffic flows and provides employee comfort, environmental control and savings on energy costs. Fully self-reinserting, the Dynaco D-641 Power will automatically reinsert itself in its side guides when the curtain is accidentally hit.

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