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Transit Floor Covering Cleaning Instructions

Transit floor covering cleaning instructions These tiles have been made using a special formulation of PVC, designed to give your floor many years of service. With the regular implementation of these guidelines and simple cleaning routine, you can keep your Transit Tiles looking good for all those years to come. Depending on the nature of your installation, certain of the suggested weekly maintenance procedures may need to be performed more than once a week, according to the requirements of the area in use.

S.Q.T Cleaning, Sealing & Maintenance Products

Union’s range of S.Q.T cleaning, sealing and maintenance products includes polishing liquid, SQT polishing powder, SQT rust remover, SQT stone clean, SQT natural stone detergent, SQT stone stick paste, SQT stone stick catalyst, SQT terrazzo sealer, SQT tile dresser, SQT tile sealer, SQT nano plus, SQT grout kleen…

CreteCare Mop&Shine Datasheet | Cemcrete

CreteCare Mop&Shine Datasheet Self-shining, wax-based, manual floor maintenance cleaner for all previously polished concrete floors as well as water-resistant floor coverings such as natural and artificial stone, vinyl, PVC, linoleum, rubber and parquet, etc.

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