Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Decorative Concrete

Countertop Mix | Cemcrete | Concrete Countertop Pre-Casting Mix

Countertop Mix is a 3 component pre-casting mix that contains a proprietary blend of cements, and other admixtures to produce a high strength countertop.

Superscreed | Cemcrete | Thin High-Strength Screed

Superscreed is a thin high-strength screed. A 10-20mm high-strength, shrinkage compensated granolithic type screed mix.

CemBond | Cemcrete | Polymer based resin

Cemcrete’s Cembond is a polymer based resin or bonding liquid that is compatible with cement, lime, sand and gypsum and adheres to concrete, brick, tiles, cement, plaster and stone.

EIFS BaseCoat Datasheet

EIFS BaseCoat Datasheet EIFS BaseCoat is a special mixture of various admixtures and Ordinary Portland Cement for repair of concrete and masonry, adhering and surfacing of EIFS insulation boards prior to applying Cemcrete’s decorative coatings.

X-Tech StoneFlow, General Use

Method Statement on TAL-X-Tech StoneFlow, General Use.

HTC Guide to Grinding - X-Tech StoneFlow

TAl guide to grinding X-tech StoneFlow.

X-Tech DecoQuartz QB applied to concrete

Method Statement on how to apply TAL- X-Tech DeocoQuartz QB to concrete

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