Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Decorative Concrete

EIFS BaseCoat Datasheet

EIFS BaseCoat Datasheet EIFS BaseCoat is a special mixture of various admixtures and Ordinary Portland Cement for repair of concrete and masonry, adhering and surfacing of EIFS insulation boards prior to applying Cemcrete’s decorative coatings.

CemBond | Cemcrete | Polymer based resin

Cemcrete’s Cembond is a polymer based resin or bonding liquid that is compatible with cement, lime, sand and gypsum and adheres to concrete, brick, tiles, cement, plaster and stone.

Countertop Mix | Cemcrete | Concrete Countertop Pre-Casting Mix

Countertop Mix is a 3 component pre-casting mix that contains a proprietary blend of cements, and other admixtures to produce a high strength countertop.

Superscreed | Cemcrete | Thin High-Strength Screed

Superscreed is a thin high-strength screed. A 10-20mm high-strength, shrinkage compensated granolithic type screed mix.

X-Tech StoneFlow, General Use

Method Statement on TAL-X-Tech StoneFlow, General Use.

HTC Guide to Grinding - X-Tech StoneFlow

TAl guide to grinding X-tech StoneFlow.

X-Tech DecoQuartz QB applied to concrete

Method Statement on how to apply TAL- X-Tech DeocoQuartz QB to concrete

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