Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Paint Decorative Finishes

Wall Finishes

Apply the first layer of weber.plast Colour Silk by forcing the material tightly against the surface using a steel trowel. Follow immediately with a second layer to an application not exceeding 4mm. Leave to dry until firm. Damp down slightly and pull straight by floating with a sponge trowel. Steel trowel immediately to smooth the surface. Leave overnight to air cure.

Cemcote | Cemcrete - brush or skim-on cement coating

A finely ground mixture of white Portland cement, pigments and chemicals. It is supplied in powder form requiring mixing with water onsite to produce a smooth, flowing coating which sets rock hard.

Construction Solutions: Long-Lasting, High-Quality Health-Care Facilities

Construction of Health-Care Facilities with Sika At Sika we take care to help you produce facilities with a comfortable and hygienic interior environment for both patients and staff. This environment is then assured and protected by a good looking, watertight and secure building envelope that is achieved using Sika solutions to further save money by minimising energy consumption and reducing future external repair and maintenance requirements..

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