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Retaining Blocks

Introduction to the Terraforce Range of Retaining Blocks

Terraforce is an award-winning retaining wall system, combines more advantages than other systems: relatively lightweight for transport, interlocking on horizontal as well as a vertical plane, reversible to display smooth round face, smooth straight face or split straight face appearance. The range of plant-supportive blocks is suited to create environmentally friendly domestic or industrial installations and support sustainable development in soil stabilisation.

Terraforce | S10 Retaining Block

The S10 hollow core retaining block: S10 Standard.

Terraforce | Terralite

Terralite hollow core retaining blocks: Terralite standard (CT) and Terralite rockface (CT).

Terraforce | L16 Retaining Block

The L16 retaining block: L16 standard and L16 rockface.

Terraforce | L22 Retaining Block

The L22 hollow core retaining block: L22 standard and L22 rockface.

Terraforce | L18 Retaining Block

The L18 hollow core retaining block: L18 standard.

Terraforce | L13 Retaining Block

The L13 hollow core standard retaining block.

Terraforce | L12 Retaining Block

L12 Hollow core retaining block: L12 standard and L12 rockface.

Terraforce | L15 Retaining Block

The L15 retaining block: L15 standard and L15 rockface.

Terracrete Product Specification

Terracrete permeable concrete block pavers are versatile units used in a wide range of applications, ranging from light erosion control on exposed earth slopes, for reinforced, grassed waterways, or for installing permeable, paved road/parking surfaces (to differing levels of sophistication)…

Terraflora Waterwise Greening

Terraflora Waterwise Greening Design your ultimate garden using this collection of South Africa’s indigenous plants.

Terraforce | L11 Retaining Block

The L11 hollow core retaining block: L11 Standard and L11 Rockface.

Terraforce | 4x4 Multi Stepblock

The 4×4 Multi Stepblock was aimed at providing efficient and economical steps in conjunction with the original retaining blocks by Terraforce. They soon became very popular not only for stairway access but to provide comfortable, practical seating arrangements at leisure amenities & school sport facilities.


Terrafix is an interlocking environmentally acceptable element, made of high strength concrete. It was specifically designed to provide a flexible lining where protection against wind and water erosion is required.

Decorwall Retaining Block | Terraforce Hollow Core Retaining Block

Terraforce Decorwall Block with mechanical vertical interlock for economical retaining solutions. Used in the following applications: meandering terraces, composite walls, steps, tilted foundation for extra stability, storm water management…

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