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Inverted Roof Insulation

LAMBDABOARD® stands as the optimal selection for inverted roof insulation, frequently extending the life expectancy of aging steel roofing systems and aligning buildings with the SANS 10400XA requirements. Known for its durability and ability to withstand moderate foot traffic, for areas with high volume foot traffic, it is recommended to use Lambdaguard as a protective layer.

Slab Insulation Hot Deck - Under Screed / Stone Ballast

LAMBDABOARD® emerges as the prime selection for hot deck insulation, particularly in retrofits and across all building categories, with its continuous manufacturing process featuring a closed-cell PIR core securely bonded to two flexible substrates.

Slab Insulation Cold Deck - Under Soffit

LAMBDABOARD® serves as the optimal solution for under soffit insulation, particularly in retrofits, with its continuous manufacturing process featuring a closed-cell PIR core securely bonded to two flexible substrates.

Over Purlin Lambdaboard

For the most cost-effective installation, place LAMBDABOARD® above the purlins and beneath the roof sheeting when considering over purlin insulation. With a 25 mm board, LAMBDABOARD® can span up to 1800 mm without the need for support on the longitudinal joints.

Lambdaboard Ceiling Insulation

LAMBDABOARD® stands as the optimal selection for ceilings in both residential and industrial structures, crafted through a seamless process featuring a closed-cell PIR core securely bonded to two flexible substrates.

Lambdaboard Cavity Wall

When choosing the ultimate insulation product for cavity walls, LAMBDABOARD® stands out as the preferred option, boasting an unparalleled combination of features crucial for enduring performance that sets it apart from other foam insulation choices.

Alucushion Domestic - Roof Insulation

Alucushion Domestic consists of a white single-sided aluminium bubblefoil laminate which is ideal for use in domestic or residential roof insulation applications. The product also serves as a dust barrier and waterproofing membrane. Alucushion Domestic is non-toxic and fibre free and easy to install. As a radiant barrier, it’s effective in reducing internal temperatures in summer and keeping in warmth in winter.

Alufoil FR-HI (Heavy Industrial) Industrial Roof Insulation

Alucushion Alufoil FR-HI is a heavy-duty industrial-grade reflective foil roof insulation material. It is made up of a multi-layer laminate that is reinforced with a fiberglass scrim and has aluminum foil on both sides. This construction gives it durability and reflective properties. Additionally, it incorporates a highly advanced fire retardant additive, making it suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern.

Alucushion Bubblefoil Datasheet

Alucushion® Bubblefoil® FR (Fire retardant grade) is manufactured by a continuous lamination process of low-density polyethylene and aluminium foil with sealed bubbles of air between the two outer laminates. Alucushion Thermal Roof Insulation, Bubblefoil Datasheet  

The Facts about Nutec Thermal Properties

Nutec products exhibit low thermal conductivity properties when compared with other sheet roofing and cladding products. This is ideal when reduced heat build up in summer and heat loss in winter is required.

Isoboard Product Information

IsoBoard thermal insulation is a high density, extruded polystyrene rigid insulation board, having a 100% closed cell structure. IsoBoard has been tried and tested internationally since 1970, and manufactured in South Africa since 1995, using a fully automated extrusion process, in  accordance with international specifications and standards.

Isoboard Properties

lsoBoard, high-density extruded polystyrene rigid thermal insulation board, having 100% closed cell structure! Determination of physical properties of lsoBoard rigid foam insulation, dated July 1996, by the Division of Building Technology of the CSIR.

Thermguard Technical Data Sheet

Thermguard Cellulose Fibre Insulation is a highly efficient and eco-friendly insulation solution. Crafted from over 80% recycled newsprint, it features a fluffy fibrous matrix with microcellular paper fibres that provide excellent thermal resistance, reducing heat conduction and enhancing insulation properties. This grey matrix insulation is suitable for various applications, ensuring durability by being unattractive to vermin, corrosion-resistant, and fire-rated to SANS 428 B/B1/2 standards. Its non-toxic and non-irritant nature simplifies handling, while the lifetime guarantee and outstanding sound absorption make it a top choice. Furthermore, its SABS approval, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and suitability for 100% coverage during blown installation emphasize its technical excellence, making Thermguard a sustainable and effective insulation solution.

Installation Machine | Thermguard DIY Buy

The installation of Thermguard insulation is a swift and efficient process, with a skilled team of two individuals capable of installing 300m2 in a single day. The general installation procedure involves one person operating the machine while the other directs the hose, with downlights requiring covers before commencing installation, and dust masks as a safety precaution. The recommended insulation thickness varies based on location or project requirements, such as 135mm in Johannesburg and 115mm in Pretoria. To determine the number of bags required, a simple calculation of house size divided by coverage is employed, with the suggestion of keeping a few extra bags on hand in case of thicker installation needs.

Advantages of cellulose fibre | Thermguard

Cellulose fibre insulation, exemplified by products like Thermguard, presents a host of advantages for homeowners in South Africa, from enhancing energy efficiency and promoting comfort to contributing significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through its recycled content. With fire resistance, acoustic performance, and the ease of installation, this insulation type offers a compelling solution that not only fosters environmental sustainability but also assures longevity and health safety, making it an optimal choice for insulating homes and supporting a more eco-friendly future.

Cavitybatt & Cavitylite

Cavitybatt & Cavitylite have been specially developed for use within steel frame structures, timber frame buildings and drywall systems. These products are manufactured using high quality Glasswool and are glass tissue faced on one side for ease of handling and improved rigidity.

Isover Ceiling Insulation

Isover Ceiling Insulation is a high performance Glasswool blanket with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.


Cineplex ceiling tiles are manufactured from non- combustible inorganic Glasswool and bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder. The tile is faced with a black non- woven glass tissue for optimal sound absorption.


Ductwrap is a Glasswool thermal insulation blanket with reinforced foil facing. This product is designed to be applied around air- conditioning ducts.


Energylite is manufactured from non-combustible Glasswool, bonded with an inert thermosetting resin to form a strong resilient product. It is odourless, inert and fully compatible with all standard building materials and components.

Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded Polystyrene EPS contains no CFC’s and is considered ozone friendly by the Wildlife Society of South Africa.


Factoryboard will reduce thermal heat transmission and as a result will reduce energy consumption significantly. Insulating metal buildings is essential and helps stabilise the structures interior temperature

Factorylite Insulation

Factorylite® is manufactured from high quality non- combustible flexible Glasswool insulation with an inert binder, which makes the product lightweight, safe and resilient.

Geyser Insulation Pack Datasheet

The Isover Geyser Insulation Pack is a high performance insulation solution that maintains the hot water temperature from the geyser and water pipes to the taps. Glasswool: an energy solution for geyser systems

Politerm Blu® Mixing and placing instructions

Politerm Blu® is a pre-manufactured product which consists of expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads that are pre-treated. This treatment allows the effective mixing of the beads with water and cement in order to produce a mortar which is laid to falls as a thermal insulating roof screed.

QTech Slab

QTech Slab medium temperature resistant mineral wool slabs/ boards. Thermal insulation for plants and equipment. Suitable for application on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

QTech Felt

QTech Felt is a medium temperature resistant mineral wool blankets supplied in rolls for industrial applications. Lightweight mineral wool, energy savings with excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

QTech Wired Matt

QTech Wired Matt is a medium temperature resistant mineral wool blankets stitched onto galvanised wire-mesh. Thermal insulation of large ducts, vessels, boilers, and medium temperature equipment. Suitable for larger curved surfaces or irregular shaped surfaces.

Snap on Pipe

Snap on Pipe insulation is a pre-formed, rigid, resin bonded Glasswool section of 1 metre in length. A single longitudinal slit allows the section to open to encompass the pipe and snap closed after placement. Standard finishing options are available in plain, canvas and reinforced foil.

SA Roofing Advertorial

D&D Roof Insulation, specialising in roof insulation materials and thermal efficiency.

Roof Insulation from A-Z

D&D Roof Insulations supplies roof insulation materials fit for large-format steel roof structures with steel cladding, roof sheeting, side cladding and more

Cellulose Fibre Ceiling Insulation

Eco-Insulation’s combination of exceptional thermal R-Values, sound insulation, and its ability to cover 100% of the treated area ensure that indoor temperatures are ideally regulated. It keeps interiors warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing heating and cooling costs.

TiPSASA Certificate of Compliance SANS 428

TiPSASA Certificate of Compliance SANS 428 The Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association certifies that Eco Insu Business Manufacturer obtained the following classification

Eco-Insulation Product Specification Sheet

Eco-Insulation Product Specification Sheet

Thermguard - Company Profile

Thermguard – Company Profile established in 1984 with the commitment to reduce the amount of wastenewspaper, which would otherwise end up in landfills

Ceiling Insulation

Nutec Ceiling Insulation is a Polyester Fibre insulating blanket, supplied in roll form. Packed in compressed rolls allowing for easy handling and storage. It is manufactured from recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is safe plastic used for beverage bottles.) It is friendly to the touch, will not irritate the skin and does not affect breathing in any way.

Over Purlin Insulation

IsoBoard Insulation installed over purlin under roof sheet. — In South Africa, the bulk of retail and industrial buildings are steel-sheet clad frames, where 70% of the heat gain is through the roof. IsoBoard over purlin insulation is the most cost effective method of achieving thermal efficiency in these buildings.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Isoboard cavity wall insulation will prevent heat transfer and build-up to the inner leaf of sun exposed walls. Moisture within the cavity is prevented from condensing onto and penetrating through the inner leaf when IsoBoard is installed. The insulation restricts heating ingress to temperature controlled and passive cooled environments.

Surface Bed Insulation

Loss of heat through floors on concrete surface beds is experienced as a cold underfoot condition, particularly during winter when the supporting soils cool down due to hygroscopic action of water. In order for rooms to be heated or cooled energy efficiently, the floors need to be insulated from the surrounding soil bed to prevent soilbed from being heated. Placed between mesh reinforced floor screeds and surface bed to prevent room heat loss and additional comfort

QTech - the light mineral wool

In industrial environments, safety and efficiency are paramount. Uninsulated or inadequately insulated equipment leads to wasteful energy loss, increased operating costs, and compromised process stability. Engineered with precision and innovation, QTechTM Light Mineral Wool is designed to excel in medium temperature applications, maintaining high performance in temperatures up to 300°C. QTechTM has advantages in the following areas:

Product launch: QTech, the light mineral wool

Product launch QTech, latest innovation in insulation technology, QTech, the light mineral wool for medium temperature applications ? 300?C. Isover now offers a comprehensive range of mineral wool and stone wool insulation products that provide thermal, acoustic and fire performance in a wide variety of industry applications including HVAC and OEM.


KIMMCO ISOVER stone wool products are made from volcanic rock – a natural material presents in large quantities throughout the earth. These raw materials are natural basalt and dolomite coming from Saudi Arabia, our product is compliance with EN 14303 and ASTM C592 type II & III standards.


TECH SA WM 80 is a high performance wired mats for technical insulation. Excellent thermal insulation, effective fire protection and optimal sound insulation.

Sandwich Panels

Isowall sandwich panels is a versatile, economical, aesthetic and weatherproof composite insulating system suitable for external wall and roof structures, or where precise controlled temperature conditions are required, for example in cold rooms and freezer stores.

Ashgrid Datasheet

Ashgrid bar and brackets incorporating the unique Safe-LocTM feature (patented). Designed to meet the everincreasing demands from Building Regulations whilst at the same contractors on site.

Geyser Pack Insulation

Isover Geyser Insulation Pack – The pack repays itself within a 4 month period while you enjoy long-term savings. Water stays hotter for longer thus, reducing your water and electricity consumption. Glasswool Insulation Blanket Duct Tape 1 metre Glasswool Snap on Pipe Insulation

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