Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Tile Sealers

CreteSeal Water-Based Datasheet | Cemcrete

CreteSeal Water-Based Datasheet An innovative water-based PUD/Acrylic sealer available in a satin sheen finish for uncoated cement, decorative cement finishes, stone, slasto and tiles.

Decorative and Functional Cement and Resin Flooring Range | TAL

  TAL’s decorative cement and resin flooring range  for residential and industrial floors.

TAL Invisiseal

TAL INVISISEAL is a specially formulated florosiloxane-based sealer which penetrates and bonds onto low-porosity natural stone tiles on walls and floors in interior and exterior installations, creating a hard-wearing and protective finish without causing discolouration. It dries clear and will repel water and most oils. It is suitable for use on low-porosity natural stone tiles, leaving no residue on the face of the tiles.

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