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Pexal: Multilayer Piping System for Water Supply - datasheet

Multilayer Piping System for Water Supply Combines the advantages typical of metal pipes with those of plastic pipes. Total barrier to oxygen thanks to the intermediate layer in aluminium. One pipe alone for numerous applications: systems for water supply, high and low-temperature heating and cooling and the distribution of compressed air. Certification for transportation drinking water. Maximum hygiene

Valsir Multilayer Pipe System

Multilayer pipes can be used for the supply of high and low temperature water to radiators, the supply of hot and refrigerated water to fans, distribution of hot and cold water, radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems, central heating stations, distribution of compressed air, laboratories, technical and industrial plants…

HDPE Sovent Fitting

Geberit HDPE Sovent fittings take care of pressure compensation in discharge stacks. In doing so, they increase the capacity of the stacks and eliminate the need to install a parallel ventilating pipe, which leads to substantial cost savings in terms of both materials and labour.

Geberit Piping Catalogue

Geberit’s piping catalogue: waste and drainage systems (HDPE pipes, Pluvia roof drainage system, Silent db20, floor drains, traps), water supply systems (Mepla and Mapress) and Geberit tools.

Mepla Application Technique

Geberit Mepla is a corrosion-resistant supply system for all drinking water qualities and universal applications. Mepla system pipes can be used for sanitary applications as well as for heating, cooling and compressed air. The pressed joint and the multilayer pipe meet all requirements of modern domestic drinking water installations. Geberit Mepla combines the stability advantages of metal with the corrosion resistance of plastic.

Seaqual BuddyBat Pipe Brackets

Ideal for securing pipe work in lofts and around geysers. Helps dampen noise caused by vibration and water hammer. All BuddyBats are supplied with 6mm masonry anchors although they can also be secured with any nail or screw.

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