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Eurodrain Vacuum Systems

Benefits to upgrade existing systems

The benefits to upgrading existing systems include; High reliability, no effect of condensation in controller, reduction of maintenance costs, fast and cost effective solution, fully submersible, no breather pipes, constant air/water ratio.

Qua-vac Asia

Qua-vac has delivered vacuum sewage systems throughout Asia to countries and places such as: South-Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, The Maldives and India.


The EDT VACUFLOW SYSTEM is a clean and highly efficient system for environmentally acceptable sewerage disposal. Compared with traditional deep trench sewerage, construction and installation is considerably simpler and cheaper. In addition, the Vacuflow system is virtually maintenance-free. And, because it operates within a closed and leak-proof vacuum system, the environment will benefit too. No sewage can escape to pollute surrounding areas.

Qua-vac Middle-East

Qua-vac has delivered vacuum sewage systems throughout Middle East to countries and places such as: Sultanate of Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Kingdom of Bahrain and Qatar.

Qua-vac Europe

Qua-vac has delivered vacuum sewage systems throughout Europe to countries and places such as: The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Denmark and Sweden.

Vacuum Systems

The EDT-vac vacuflow system can be used for house boat projects, sewerage of ribbon developments, recreation areas, marinas, industrial projects, supermarkets, canal estates and renovation projects. One of the characteristic features of the Vacuflow® system is the presence of a bufferpot.

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