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The LS Zero switch design achieved a new architectural quality, the flush installation creates a smooth transition between the wall and switch. LS Zero can be installed in furniture, brickwork or drywalls – it creates a level plane in any type of installation between the surface and the operating element. More than 200 functions to control lighting, temperature, blinds or multimedia, door communication up to eNet, KNX…

JUNG Product Catalogue: Switches for More Comfortable Living

The JUNG product range of switches for light management, blinds management and temperature management. Other products in this catalogue include multimedia terminals, WLAN access points, smoke alarm devices, indoor stations (door communication), LED technology, sensor modules, KNX building technology, room controllers, energy management…

Sensors: JUNG Presence Detector Mini Standard

Product Data Sheet – Presence Detector Mini with integrated BCU. These presence sensors are used for requirement-oriented control of lighting, room thermostats and other electrical consumers in interior rooms…  

Sensors: CO2 Multi-Sensor

Product Data Sheet – CO2 Multi-sensor with integrated BCU, humidity sensor as well as room temperature controller. Measurement of CO2 concentration, relative air humidity and air temperature…

Security: Glass-Break Sensor

Product Data Sheet – Glass-break sensor. To be integrated into the signalling system of the Smart Panels by the KNX system via binary inputs / push-button interfaces.

Security: Magnet Contact

Product Data Sheet – Magnet contact. A sealed tubular glass envelope protects the magnet contact (reed contact) against dust and water. The reed contact is actuated by means of a permanent magnet. For installation in steel profiles (magnetic material) only block reed contacts can be used.

Security: Locking Unit

Product Data Sheet – Locking unit. The motorised locking unit serves for the mechanical door lock. It prevents an unintended entering of armed security areas. Can be cascaded for several doors.

Security: Movement Detector

Product Data Sheet: Movement detector – to be integrated into the signalling system of the Smart Panels by the KNX system via binary inputs / push-button interfaces (evaluation of movement or sabotage)…

Light Switch Actuator

Product Data Sheet – Light switch actuator, 8 gang, C-load

Energy Management

Product Data Sheet – Energy detector 3-gang, for rail mounting. The energy detector has three channels for connecting loads up to three separate phases with a common neutral conductor. Each channel can measure voltage, current, active power and reactive power…

Blinds Actuator

Product Data Sheet – Blinds actuator, switching of electrically driven blinds, shutters, awnings and similar hangings for AC 110-230 V mains voltage or DC 12-48 V extra-low voltage.

Audio Visual: JUNG Multiroom Amplifier

Product Data Sheet – KNX Multiroom amplifier with web radio, 8 outputs.

Sensors: Universal Weather Station

Product Data Sheet – Universal weather station. Measurement and evaluation of weather data: wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, brightness, global radiation, twilight, temperature, relative air humidity and air pressure. Installation on the outside of buildings, preferable in the roof and facade area…

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