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Product Catalogue: Separators

Water is one of our most precious resources and is not available in unlimited quantities. For this reason, contaminated wastewater from kitchens wastewater must be pretreated and cleaned with the aid of appropriate separator systems before it is discharged to the public sewer system. KESSEL offers a wide range of innovative polymer separators for different areas of application and wastewater quantities…

Lifting stations | New Products - KESSEL Eurodrain - packed with technology

The new products from KESSEL lifting stations for private and commercial use.

Ultraflat 54 and 79 Floor Shower and Bathroom Drain

The new Ultraflat 54 and Ultraflat 79 floor drain. Clever solutions for modern bathrooms

Hybrid Drainage Systems for Gravity Sloped Wastewater Pipes

The Pumpfix and Ecolift XL Hybrid Lifting Stations offer safe and reliable protection against backwater and come into service only when necessary – during backwater. The Pumpfix (for domestic applications) and the Ecolift XL (for industrial applications) are the new ideal solutions for installation in gravity wastewater drainage systems – both for new construction and renovations.

Backwater Protection

Reliable backwater protection and rodent protection from KESSEL.

Aqualift F Lifting Stations

The Aqualift F Basic lifting station is the latest model in our quality lifting station series. It has been developed to satisfy all of the requirements of modern sewage technology, though at the same time takes into account profitability and efficiency for the user.

Polymer Street Gullies

The established quality of the standard inspection chambers is now employed in KESSEL street gullies: telescopic adjustable upper sections decouple the traffic load from the inspection chamber and transfer it to the surrounding soil, thus enabling the use of polymer chambers of an optimised weight.

Bathroom Drains, Shower Channels and Wall Drains

Lifestyle, relaxation, water, individuality are all themes that are integrated into today’s modern bathroom design. Designer faucets, sinks, shower heads and tiles all play a role in planning a top notch bathroom. Finally, to complete this package, KESSEL has brought to the market a new line of a architecturally designed and German engineered shower drains and channels offering previously unavailable choices. So, the slate is clean. Let your fantasy and creative mind guide you through the planning of your dream bathroom as KESSEL introduces the bathroom drain collection.

Everything for Drainage

Our product lines offer solutions for residential housing as well as commercial buildings and underground construction: the range includes backwater protection devices, drains for interior or exterior installation, pumps / lifting stations, grease and fuel separators, inspection chambers, rainwater management systems and surface drainage products.

Pump Technology - lifting stations, submersible pumps | Eurodrain / KESSEL

The complete range of pump technology Hybrid lifting stations Lifting stations Pumping stations Submersible pumps Warning and control units

Oil / Fuel Separators

KESSEL’S range of oil/fuel separators and coalescence separators.

Lifting Stations Minilift S and Aqualift S Compact | Eurodrain / KESSEL

People who use drainage objects such as washing machines, showers or a toilet in their basement must consider how the wastewater from the object is to reach the sewer. If there is no natural gradient to the sewer, the wastewater must be lifted above the backwater level using a lifting station or pumping station so that it can then flow into the sewage system.

KESSEL Light Liquid Separators

KESSEL’s range of light liquid separators has the following benefits: fracture resistant and absolute imperviousness, long service life, fast and simple installation and the upper section is height adjustable, rotatable and tiltable. Coalescence separator and oil / fuel separator.

Scada Wall Drain

Top quality materials, convenient installation conditions and flexible connection options are the hallmarks of the Scada wall drain. Thanks to its external properties and low installation height of just 80 mm to the upper edge of the tiles, it is also ideally suited for renovation projects.

KESSEL Polyethylene Grease Separators

The complete range of grease separator systems for free-standing installation in frost-protected rooms or for underground installation. The KESSEL grease separator based on Euro-Norm EN 1825 consists of a grease separation chamber with an integrated sludge trap located at the bottom. Following the separator is a sampling chamber…

Ecolift® Wastewater Lifting System

Ecolift® wastewater lifting system for wastewater with or without sewage, for installation in a concrete slab/floor or an exposed wastewater pipe. Ecolift is a clever alternative to the classic lifting stations where there is a natural gradient in housing and industrial buildings.

Design Linearis Comfort Shower Channel

Linearis Comfort shower channel system 125 with drain body made of ABS. It comes with an odour trap, water sealing height is 22mm. The cover and frame are made of stainless steel…

Individual Solutions: Drainage

KESSEL is the specialist wherever flexibility has to be proved with solutions that are tailor-made for special requirements. Thanks to our knowledge and possibilities in the field of polyethylene technology in terms of material, development, design, tooling and various polyethylene treatment methods, we are not only able to manufacture series products, we can also manufacture special solutions in accordance with your project-specific requirements.

KESSEL Staufix® Backwater Protection | EuroDrain / KESSEL

Backwater protection The reliable protection of property from damaging storms Backwater valves Backwater chambers Hybrid lifting stations Lifting stations

Hybrid Lifting Stations for gravity sloped wastewater pipes

Hybrid drainage systems for gravity sloped wastewater pipes – Hybrid Lifting Stations Lifting stations are often installed as a safety measure even though gravity sloped drainage is available. The disadvantage is that these systems must pump every single litre of collected wastewater. This leads to constant operation of the pumps, high energy usage, wear and tear on the system as well as nuisance noise – with the new KESSEL hybrid lifting station, all these problems are solved. KESSEL AG Hybrid lifting stations 3 The Pumpfix and Ecolift XL hybrid lifting stations offer safe and reliable protection against backwater and come into service only when necessary – during backwater. The Pumpfix (for domestic applications) and the Ecolift XL (for industrial applications) are the new ideal solutions for installation in gravity wastewater drainage systems – both for new construction and renovations.

KESSEL Ecoguss Roof Drains

KESSEL Ecoguss roof drains with emergency damming ring. Ecoguss is a high performance composite material based on metal, it combines the advantages of cast iron and plastic without the corrosion and weight problems associated with grey cast iron. Ecoguss roof drains are also available with an integrated heating system…

Aqualift F Pump Station: System 600

The pumping station can be used for the draining of wastewater with or without sewage below the backwater level, as backwater protection for separator systems and for draining basement apartments or driveways. It is installed at a depth of up to 2.25 metres in the ground outside the building. The reasonably priced overall system is even resistant to groundwater up to the top ground surface.

Grease Separators | Eurodrain / KESSEL - for a clean environment

Grease separators should be installed in all locations where greases and oils from plant or animal origin are required to be removed from the wastewater stream. This applies to commercial and industrial applications, for example: • Butchers, meat and sausage factories • Pre-prepared meal production • Slaughterhouses and meat preparation facilities • Soap / stearin production plants • Restaurants and fast food shops • Fish production facilities • Cooking oil refineries, butter / margarine production • Frying facilities / nut roasting factories • Cafeterias in commercial buildings, hospitals, universities, military

KESSEL SonicControl Automatic Measuring Device

Automatic measuring device for the measurement, display and control of the grease layer thickness in a grease separator.

Linearis Compact: Shower Channel

Shower channel upper section is made of ABS, channel length 550mm; with removable odour trap, sealing water height is 22mm. Cover and rim is stainless steel, the channel cover can be reversed and tiled on site…

Minilift F Lifting Station

The new Minilift F lifting station – quick as a flash and razor-sharp Compact lifting

KESSEL Product Range Catalogue

Since 1963, KESSEL has stood like no other company for quality, innovation, safety and service in the field of draining technology. As a premium international provider and industry pacesetter, we continuously strive to ensure that our vision is always open to new ideas: KESSEL – Leading in drainage

Ultraflat Floor Drain | Eurodrain / KESSEL

The Ultraflat 54 and Ultraflat 79 floor drain, clever solutions for modern bathrooms. The lowest installation height on the market. Suitable for barrier-free bathrooms. Mechanical odour trap with water reservoir Megastop

SmartServices KESSEL digital support services | Eurodrain / KESSEL

With KESSEL SmartServices the future has already arrived for each of our drainage products. For you as a customer, this not only means extensive digital support for design, installation and operation–but also the certainty that we continue to develop our offer of services for your benefit.

Pumping station Aqualift F Basic for wastewater with or without sewage

Pumping station Aqualift F Basic for wastewater with or without sewage. 100% waterproof& odour-tight, Variable upper section for stepless adaption

StaufixControl Backwater Valves | Eurodrain KESSEL

The Staufic Control Backwater valves protect, controls and warn in the event of backwater occurring on the property to prevent water damage.

Bathroom Drains and Shower Channels | Eurodrain / KESSEL

Bathroom drains, wall drains and shower channels for wastewater drainage with different design covers made of stainless steel

Product Catalogue: Wastewater Treatment Systems

InnoClean Plus wastewater treatment systems. In remote rural areas in particular, houses are not always connected to the public sewer system. Polyethylene septic tanks are much more than just an alternative to concrete systems. Low transport costs, absolute water-tightness, durability and extreme fracture resistance are just a few of the advantages of the polyethylene material used.

Product Catalogue: Hybrid Lifting Stations

Backwater valve and lifting station in one. Modern and cost-saving hybrid solution with innovative double function – as inexpensive as a backwater valve, as safe as a lifting station. Ecolift uses the natural gradient to the sewer for wastewater disposal. Efficient and economical pump used only in the event of backwater or basement flooding (with underground installation). Wastewater drained via pressure pipe to the sewer…

Aqualift F XL: Power Pumping Station

The new Aqualift F XL pumping station enables larger quantities of wastewater to be discharged safely via the pressure pipe. It is therefore especially suitable for commercial use. The use of a KESSEL Aqualift F XL pumping station outside of the building has decisive advantages: Increased living standards within the building due to the removal of the pump noise and additional increase in use-able space. The intelligent design protects the engineering systems chamber against tree roots and ensures permanent water tightness.

Separator Disposal Cost Reduction

Separator disposal cost reduction with real time monitoring device. Automatic measuring device “SonicControl” for the measurement, display and control of the grease layer thickness in a grease separator.

Wastewater Lifting Stations

Wastewater Lifting Stations | KESSEL Eurodrain It often happens that wash water and wastewater cannot be carried off because the sewer is higher than the drainage point in the basement. In this case, a lifting station or pump must be used. Lifting stations pump the wastewater via pressure pipes into the sewer. According to EN 12056-4 the pressure pipe must be routed above the backwater level.

Product Catalogue: Drains and Channels

Drains are designed to collect, receive and convey wastewater. These can be bathroom, floor, ceiling, roof or special drains and also include balcony and yard drains. When drains are installed outdoors they must be frost-free. The easily accessible cleaning opening required for drains must be achieved using removable odour traps.

Staufix Backwater Valve

The new Staufix comes with removable in- and outlets for easy installation, especially during renovations. It also has an integrated upper section with continuous height adjustment for installation in a concrete slab/floor, and the possibility of fitting in waterproof concrete. Apart from the basic version, there is also the Staufix Control. This second model type is equipped with a signal sensor that triggers and alarm if backwater is detected. This offers home owners even greater security.

KESSEL Product Catalogue 2020 - Eurodrain Technology

KESSEL Product Catalogue 2020 – backwater valves, hybrid lifting stations, lifting stations, drains and channels, separators.

Staufix® FKA/SWA and Pumpfix® F Series | Backwater protection

Top level backwater protection. Body with only 9mm gradient for installation in a concrete slab/floor or for fitting into an exposed pipeline. Ideal for installation in waterproof concrete. Stainless steel backwater flap to keep rodents out.

Tailor-made drainage solutions | Eurodrain / KESSEL

For over 20 years we have been developing tailor-made drainage solutions for the specific requirements of our customers. Our extensive knowledge of polymer engineering enables us to respond to your particular needs at any time. This means we can offer you almost unlimited product variety. To date, we have successfully installed around 20,000 customised solutions.

Floor Drain ME

KESSEL floor drain ME with three optional lateral inlets.

Ecoguss® Floor and Parking Deck Drains

Drains made from Ecoguss® combine all the advantages of polymer drains, such as low weight and no corrosion, with the advantages of cast iron drains such as sound insulation and heat resistance but without having to accept their specific disadvantages.

References: Drainage

KESSEL’s references for drainage installations.

Aqualift F Compact: Sewage Lifting Station

The new lifting station Aqualift F Compact – sewage lifting station for complete basement drainage for installation in a concrete slab/floor and for free-standing installation.

InnoClean PLUS: Wastewater Treatment System

The InnoClean PLUS system is a decentralised wastewater treatment system which naturally treats domestic wastewater prior to release in drywells or local waters / streams. InnoClean PLUS wastewater treatment systems treat domestic wastewater on a completely natural basis using the environmentally friendly SBR process (sequencial batch reactor)…

KESSEL Inno-Clean+ Wastewater Treatment System

The Inno-Clean+ system is a decentralised wastewater treatment system which naturally treats domestic wastewater prior to release in drywells or local waters / streams. Inno-Clean+ treat domestic wastewater on a completely natural basis using the environmentally friendly SBR process (sequential batch reactor)…

KESSEL Bathroom Drains and Shower Channels

KESSEL’s range of bathroom drains and shower channels. The bathroom drains include ‘The Ultraflat’, ‘The Vertical’ and the ‘Practicus’ floor drain with a selection of full stainless steel design covers and tileable access covers. The shower channel systems include the Linearis Comfort, Super60 and Compact…

Product Catalogue: Backwater Valves

Premium backwater valves with mechanical or motor-driven backwater flap and pump for draining wastewater with sewage even during a backwater phase. Classic backwater valves with mechanical backwater flaps for protection against backwater and water in the basement. Backwater valves in chamber for underground installation – frees up basement space by moving backwater protection to outside the house.

Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plants

Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plants (SWRO) is now in stock and available to purchase. These desalination plants are manufactured in Scandinavia and there are more than 100 plants in operation worldwide. The plants operate at less than 2.0kWh per cubic meter of drinking water produced.

Desalination References

References from all over the world on desalination of seawater into drinking water…

Light Liquid Separators

Eurodrain-Kessel Oil /Fuel  and Coalescence separator

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