Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Krantz Ambient Systems

Sidewall air outlets

KRANTZ provides sidewall air outlets for turbulent mixing air flow for all kinds of commercial rooms as well as for large halls requiring long jet throws.

Ceiling air outlets

Ceiling air outlets range – Turbulent mixing air flow have been in very successful use for decades. We have continually extended our range of air outlets both in design and mode of operation. It now includes circular, square, and linear air outlets whose dis- charge direction is either constant or steplessly adjustable. Our broad range of air outlets can be used at discharge heights varying from 2.2 to 25 m. Our ceiling air outlets generate a diffuse air flow with the following features: –  draught-free indoor air flow, –  intensive flushing of the occupied zone, –  even temperature distribution.

Krantz | Ventilation: Constant Air Volume Diffuser

Krantz Ambient constant air volume diffuser offers an economical solution for the air distribution on both open plan and cellular applications.

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