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Datlink Insulation

Datlink | TIPSASA Membership Certificate

TIPSASA Membership Certificate Datlink’s membership certificate to TIPSASA (Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association SA).

EM-Sulation™ Polyester Ceiling Insulation | Datlink

EM-Sulation™ Polyester Ceiling Insulation Polyester Fibre insulating blanket manufactured using recycled polyester (PET Coke bottles etc.). Supplied in roll form in various thicknesses…

Thermocoustex Plain Fibre (Polyester)

Thermocoustex plain fibre is a thermally bonded polyester fibreblanket manufactured using recycled polyester (PET Coke bottles etc.). Themocoustex fibreblanket is an excellent thermal insulator, an excellent acoustic insulator from external noise, as well as an excellent acoustic absorber of internal noise.

Thermocoustex Plain Board (Polyester)

Thermocoustex plain board is a thermally bonded polyester board manufactured using recycled polyester (PET Coke bottles etc.) and is ideal for both thermal and acoustic insulation. Thermocoustex is suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial ceilings and offers excellent acoustic and thermal performance in one product.

ThermocousTex™ | Datlink | Roof Sheet Installation Over Purlin

ThermocousTex™ Concealed Fix Roof Sheeting installation instructions over Purlin. Step by step insulation.

ThermocousTex™ Acoustic Liner | Datlink | Polyester Blanket

ThermocousTex™ Acoustic Liner – A thermally bonded polyester blanket, faced with an acoustically permeable black woven glass cloth, manufactured using recycled polyester (PET Coke bottles etc.) ideal for both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Thermocoustex 3 in 1 Barrier Insulation

Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Insulation, Termocoustex Ceiling Board, Fibre Insulation, Nail Up Ceilings, Over Purlin, Suspended Ceilings, Silent Floor Underlay

Thermocoustex: Used in Schools

A combination of ThermocousTex Fibre Blankets and ThermocousTex Boards has been specified and fitted in the roof and ceilings to reduce external noise from rain, wind and traffic and absorb internal noise within the classrooms, hallways and open spaces. Noise reduction within the teaching and learning environments greatly improves learning progression, concentration and reduces stress in both teachers and learners. This results in improved academic performance and creates a more enjoyable environment overall.

Thermocoustex - Fire Test

As a member of TIASA (Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa), Datlink Insulation and Acoustics is required to re-new existing Fire Tests on their products every five years. This was done recently on ThermocousTex Fibre Blankets and ThermocousTex Boards. Both products maintained their original Fire Rating of “no-flame spread” and were rated with the B/B1/2 rating as before, which conforms to the legislation as set out in the Building Regulations SANS 10400-XA.

Thermocoustex - NRC Values

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (commonly abbreviated NRC) is a scalar representation of the amount of sound energy (acoustic energy) absorbed upon striking a particular surface. 35mmThick ThermocousTex Boards have a NRC Value of 0.85 and are available in white, marble, and black colours, all of which have identical acoustic performance. These boards are ideal for noisy environments where efficient, cost effective sound absorption solutions are required. Examples of applicable noisy environments are recording studios, church’s, airports, train stations, schools, sports centres, auditorium’s, etc.

Registered Distributor TiPSASA Gold Member

Datlink TiPSASA Gold Membership Certificate Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association SA A division of the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation

Terraco Ambient Finishcoat DP

Insulation: Terraco, Ambient Finishcoat DP, Acoustic Finishcoat Plastering Compound for use as part of the Terraco Ambient Acoustic Ceiling System

Terraco Ambient Basecoat DP

Insulation: Terraco, Ambient Basecoat DP, Acoustic Basecoat Plastering Compound for use as part of the Terraco Ambient Acoustic Ceiling System

Thermocoustex Fibre Blanket Overview

ThermocousTex Fibre is an environmentally and people friendly thermally bonded polyester blanket that is used for thermal and acoustic insulation in the building sector.

ThermocousTex Board Overview

ThermocousTex Board is an environmentally and people friendly themally bonded polyester board that is used for thermal and acoustic insulation in the building sector.

Thermocoustex: Used in a Film Studio

A combination of Thermocoustex Fibre Blankets and Thermocoustex Boards were used on the walls, ceiling voids, below the roof and inside air conditioning ducts to achieve the acoustic requirements of the film studio, as well as comply with the SA10400-XA Energy Efficiency regulations.

Datlink and the Environment

Datlink is proud to announce that they are part of the Western Cape Governments 110% Green Flagship initiative. This Flagship initiative has made more than the usual commitment towards a Green Economy. 110% Green has taken up the call towards building an economy that connects the well-being of our environment with the growth of our economy…

Thermocoustex: Used in Churches

The benefits of using Thermocoustex in churches are: Reduce sound reverberation for the congregation i.e. improved hearing and speech intelligibility. Reduced feedback on stage. Improved thermal insulation of the church in accordance with SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204. Noise reduction from outside sources such as rain, wind, aircrafts, traffic etc.

Thermocoustex: Used in Airports

Thermocoustex Fibre and Thermocoustex Metro Boards were specified and fitted in both Cape Town International and Kigali International Airports. The main benefits of using the fibre and boards as a combination are the substantial reductions in noise from outside air traffic and weather, together with the excellent sound absorption of “people noise” within the building.

Thermocoustex - In Train Stations

ThermocousTex Fibre Blankets (Foil) were specified and installed over purlins on straining wires in the Bellville Station. This product was specified as it has both excellent acoustic dampening benefits (by preventing the steel roof sheets from vibrating) and excellent thermal insulation properties. These benefits have created an environment within the Train Station that is both thermally controlled and acoustically “calm”…

Thermocoustex - In Schools

Datlink Insulation and Acoustics is proud that our products, ThermocousTex Fibre and Romatherm Insulation, were specified and supplied to two new schools in the Western Cape in March’15. ThermocousTex Fibre was installed over purlin on straining wires and sandwiched up against the steel roof sheet. This contact with the roof sheet prevents drumming of the roof sheet which creates an environment within the school that is not prone to losing teaching days from excessive rain, wind or traffic noise. Further to this drastic noise reduction is the fact that ThermocousTex has excellent insulation properties…

Thermocoustex - Retro Fit In an Auditorium

To reduce the unpleasantly loud and irritating noise reverberation within the most multi purpose school auditoriums, a simple retro fit solution using cost effective ThermoCoustex boards will resolve the problem. In this example, ThermocousTex boards were vertically suspended off steel wires spanning across the underside of the roof, and then clipped onto the wire at equal spacings resulting in vertical fins. These acoustically absorbing boards substantially reduced the reverberation times within the auditorium to acceptable levels…

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