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Danpal NM - Advanced single glazed facade system | INSTALLATION BOOKLET

This is a summary of the installation booklet for the Danpal NM advanced single-glazed facade system. It is essential to refer to the specific installation manual provided by the manufacturer for detailed instructions and to ensure a safe and successful installation.

DANPALON® Glazing material

DANPALON® panels are often used in commercial and residential buildings for their aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. They are suitable for a wide range of architectural styles and can contribute to the overall sustainability and energy efficiency of a structure.

Danpal letter of distribution

Danpal letter of distribution. DANPAL can now supply our full range of architectural translucent building envelope systems, via Awning Warehouse, to specialist installers who respond positively to our specifications on all new and existing projects in South Africa.

Danpal ®Louvre | Danpashade - Translucent Shading System

Danpal Louvre is a translucent shading system that provides maximum control over light and heat, extended UV protection and high impact resistance. Users can adjust the louvres to create their desired balance of light and shade. With Danpal®, shading becomes a creative tool to dynamically transform the exterior. Available in a variety of colours, finishes and effects, it gives an appealing, innovative exterior design to new or refurbished buildings.

Multiwall Carport Structures

With the ability to reduce heat build-up, safeguard against harmful solar radiation and UV rays, and best of all, allow the sun’s natural light to filter through, these engineered Multiwall Polycarbonate Carport Structures are some of the strongest and most weather-resistant light transmitting building products on the market.

Retractable Patio Roofs

Our Retractable Patio Roofs effectively create shade for your outdoor spaces, and they do so much more, creating a popular space in the home morning, noon and night. Whether you are eating breakfast outside, spending time with the family in the afternoon, or hosting a party in the evening, our Retractable Patio Roofs create an ambience, turning your patio into an outdoor retreat. Our Retractable Patio Roofs are unsurpassed for style, function, simplicity, and quality – exactly what you have come to expect from Awning Warehouse. Retractable Patio Roofs are installed over decks, porches and patios in order to provide shade and protection from heat and rain. They can help to keep interior home temperatures cooler and reduce electric bills as well as keep outdoor and indoor furniture from exposure to direct sunlight.

Track Blinds

Track blinds are a guided blind system that locks your blind fabric into special tracks with no gaps on either side to secure against flapping in the wind and sealing the opening. The quick and easy “pull-down, push-up “ spring loaded action makes these the easiest blinds to use and enhances the look of your home or business with a perfectly neat finish. They can be made from a clear or coloured PVC or a Hi-Tech solar fabric which gives you year-round protection from the wind, rain, sun and UV rays. The quality fabrics come in a range of colours which guarantee strength and wind protection. They can be operated manually or be motorized. The flat taught surface is ideal for branding or signage for your business.

Multiwall Patio Structures

Multiwall Patio Structures -has the ability to reduce heat build-up, safeguard against harmful solar radiation and UV rays, and best of all, allow the sun’s natural lighrto filter through, these engineered Multiwall Polycarbonate Patio Structures are some of the strongest and most weather-resistant light transmitting building products on the market.

Aluminium and Canvas Awnings

Awning Warehouse’s adjustable and fixed awnings for the perfect patio solution. The range includes: aluminium sun louvres, fixed acrylic awnings, domed acrylic awnings, canvas awnings, outdoor drop blinds, retractable awnings, waterproof ceiling system, fixed patio awnings…

Awning Warehouse Products Brochure

Awning Warehouse & Reboss Awnings Product Brochure – Awnings, pergolas and retractable roofs. Technical information, materials and information.

Danpal VRS | Ventilated rain system

The principle of Danpal® VRS is to provide a full system incorporating the trusted Danpalon® panel that fully protects the insulation.


Danpatherm is a cassette panel system that is pre-fabricated off-site.

Controlite | Intelligent Daylight System

Controlite delivers optimal comfort by controlling daylight transmission and solar heat gain.

Danpal Everbright

Danpal Everbright large span roofing, can be easily assembled as a dry-glazed system, greatly reducing onsite construction times.

Light & Insulation for Roofing | Danpatherm RK7 System

Danpatherm RK7 cassette building system features Softlite, a special finish manufactured into the panels to eliminate glare and ensure even light transmission. With Softlite, interiors are evenly lit with a gentle and diffused light.

Danpavault barrel vault skylight system

The Danpavault barrel vault skylight system combines all the advantages of Danpalon® together with a skylight of an unlimited length, offering easy integration with various roof types including profiled metal and concrete.

Danpal Interior Design & Decoration

Illuminate Interior Spaces Danpal® Interior solutions enable designers to explore new aesthetic possibilities, creating revolutionary spaces transformed by light.

Danpalon 3DLITE

Danpalon 3DLITE is an advanced, innovative panel, enabling architects to design creatively while contributing to energy savings and increased lighting efficiency.

Danpalon Kinetic

Danpalon Kinetic enables the creation of animated façades with dynamic effects not seen before.

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