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Chryso Southern Africa

Eco Dust Range

Dust road rising dust suppression from CHRYSO® Eco Dust Range includes: Chryso Dust Primer, Chryso Eco Dust 200, Chryso Eco Dust 100 and Chryso Eco Dust Oil…

CHRYSO®Quad 20 | Viscosity modifying admixture | Concrete Mixes

CHRYSO®Quad 20 unique formulation increases the viscosity of cement paste with limited impact on concrete slump / slump flow.

Application: Roof Tiles

Savings on your concrete formulation and manufacturing costs, Improved production output, More consistent and durable product and Superior finishes.


LuminTech comprises a variety of different luminescent particles that are applied to the surface and incorporated into the concrete skin. During the day, the particles absorb UV radiation and then, after dark, the particles illuminate selected areas of a building.

Chryso® Dry-Cast Concete

CHRYSO gives you all the support and guidance for improving your concrete formulations, as well as choosing the admixture best geared towards your needs.

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