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Bosch Thermotechnology South Africa

Boiler House Components

Bosch Industriekessel offers you shell boiler systems for all applications. Our boilers are not only used successfully in industrial companies, they also offer many advantages to smaller businesses and service companies, as well as in office buildings and residential blocks. With our extensive product range of boiler house components in modular design, we enable you to selectively expand your boiler system and to utilise additional potential for saving energy. This brochure gives you a detailed overview of this…

Bosch Solar Kit

The Bosch Solar Kit lets you combine your gas water heater with any Electrical Water Storage (EWS) or Solar Water Heater (SWH) to make sure that you have hot water irrespective of the availability of grid power or the weather. This peace of mind combined with the knowledge that your water has been heated by an optimal environmentally friendly system…

Climate 5000 VRF: Joints

Climate 5000 VRF: Joints and Dimensions…

Climate 5000 VRF: Heat Recovery Ventilation Units (HRV)

The heat recovery ventilation unit (HRV) can regain heat energy lost through ventilation and reduce the room temperature fluctuation caused by the ventilation process. By utilising the most advanced technology and technics, Bosch HRV has extremely good performance. The heat exchanger core is made of special paper processed with chemical treatment, which could realise better temperature and humidity control of the room environment. Temperature exchange efficiency is above 65 % and enthalpy exchange efficiency between 50 – 65 %.

Climate 5000 VRF: Central Control Software

Intelligent Manager of Bosch, designed specifically to control VRF systems, is based on a centralised format and dedicated to the complete control and monitoring of all the system’s functions. It can be used as a flexible multi-purpose system and applied to a variety of needs, according to the scale, purpose and control method of each building.  To meet designers, consultants and installers requirements, Bosch has developed an advanced design automation tool that can be used in AutoCAD-based CAD version or Windows-based version. The software provides quick and convenient selectable options for users, supports multiple languages, and greatly improves the selection process.

Climate 5000 VRF: Control Systems

Outlining the different control systems for the Climate 5000 VRF system…

Climate 5000 VRF: Indoor Units Lineup

The following indoor units are available: Wall Mounted, Compact 4 Way Cassette, 4 Way Cassette, 1 Way Cassette, 2 Way Cassette, Slim Duct Types, Duct Types, High Static Pressure Duct, Fresh Air Processing Unit, Floor Standing With Cabinet, Ceiling & Floor…

Climate 5000 VRF: MDCI Series

Full DC Inverter Mini VRF with DC inverter compressor and DC fan motor delivers a highly efficient solution for small commercial buildings. Four to twelve rooms require only one outdoor unit, and individual control is enabled in each room.

Climate 5000 VRF: RDCI Series

The all DC inverter heat recovery series, which offers simultaneous cooling and heating operation in one system. The energy by-product from cooling or heating is transferred to where it is required by using the balanced heat exchanger function, which saves up to 50 % in costs compared with a conventional 2-pipe VRF system.

Climate 5000 VRF: SDCI Series

SDCI outdoor units achieve world’s largest capacity of 72 HP with the industry’s top class energy efficiency of cooling and heating. It supports an incredible piping length of 1,000 m and a longer level difference of 110 m, making it perfect for big-sized and high-rise buildings for wide application.

Climate 5000 VRF: Overview

Bosch is now offering not only heating, hot water and ventilation solutions, but also VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems for efficient air conditioning in commercial buildings. Thanks to variable refrigerant flow technology, the new Bosch VRF air conditioning systems are convenient and save valuable energy at the same time. They adapt their performance to current demand and therefore also work with outstanding efficiency under partial load. The systems consist of outdoor units and several inside units and can be utilised for both cooling and heating.

Bosch Hot Water Solutions

All it takes to fire up a WR-Range water heater, is the opening of a tap. Ignition is achieved with the help of a battery or the Bosch Hydro Power ignition system making use of the most clean and economical energy source possible: the force of the water is responsible for the ignition of the burner.

Gas Instantaneous Water Heater WR 11/14/18/B

Bosch – installation manual and operating instructions for the Gas Instantaneous Water Heater WR 11/14/18 .B.

Gas Instantaneous Water Heater WR 11/14/18 .G.

Bosch – Gas Instantaneous Water Heater WR 11/14/18 .G. installation manual and operating instructions.

Gas Instantaneous Water Heater - Therm 4200 6L

Bosch – installation manual and operating instructions for the Gas Instantaneous Water Heater Therm 4200 6L.

Gas Instantaneous Water Heater Therm 4200 - 11,14,18 L

Bosch – installation manual and operating instructions for the Gas Instantaneous Water Heater Therm 4200 T4200 11/14/18-2D.

Gas Water Heater Therm 6000 S

Bosch – installation manual and operating instructions for the Gas Instantaneous Water Heater Therm 6000S.

Condensing Gas Water Heater Therm 8000 S

Bosch – installation manual and operating instructions for the Condensing Gas Water Heater Therm 8000 s.

Gas Water Heater: W2-Range

The Bosch W2-Range of gas water heaters are now equipped with an automated and fully modulating control system for unsurpassed Domestic Hot Water (DHW) comfort. Operating with an energy efficiency of up to 95% the W2-Range of gas water heaters economically provide domestic hot water on demand. Our tankless water heaters are wall-mounted to save space and the technology only uses gas to heat the water when there is a demand. The W2‘s innovative features insure maximum performance to provide virtually endless hot water.

Gas Water Heaters: WR-Range

The new WR-Range water heaters with battery or hydro ignition have all the qualities expected of a Bosch appliance while at the same time offering you the added benefit of being extremely small, saving much needed space in the modern homes of today. Models available range from 11, 14 or 18 l/min capacity and both Natural Gas (NG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are catered for. The energy saving by these appliances is evident.

Bosch Distributor List

Bosch distributor list with contact details.

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