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Hands On Lifts

KLEEMANN Atlas Gigas / Atlas Super Gigas Commercial & Industrial | Hands on Lifts

Atlas Gigas is the traction solution for rated loads from 1050Kg to 2500Kg adjusted to your needs. It is equipped with KLEEMANN premium quality gearless motor and inverter of leading edge technology which enable exceptional ride quality, isolation of noises and very low energy consumption. Shape the product that best fits your needs through many design options and finishings.

Mutrade | Mechanical Garage | Hands-on-Lifts

Mechanical Garage MUTRADE INDUSTRIAL CORP. is one of the earliest professional mechanical parking solution providers in CHINA.

KleemannPark | Car lifting systems | Hands-on-Lifts

KleemannPark, parking systems – the installation of the hydraulic KPS Car Parking System ensures more independent parking spaces for two (single platform) or four (double platform) vehicles.

Vimec Chairlift Ischia | Hands-on-Lifts

Vimec Chairlift Ischia Hands-on-Lifts stairlift for a single flight of stairs, easy and comfortable. Elegant and silent, perfect for moving safely.

Vimec Steplifts

Vimec Steplifts – the Steppy platform lift’s technical and stylish features make it a favourite among the best Italian installation engineers.

Goods Hoists | Hands on Lifts

A range of sturdy, reliable GOODS HOISTS to swiftly and efficiently move products from one level to the next. We manufacture high-quality goods hoists that ensure maximum safety, compliance and functional efficiency. They are perfect for retail outlets, mining, warehousing, manufacturing and all other fields of industry.

Atlas RPH / Atlas Mini | KLEEMANN | Hands-on-Lifts

Atlas RPH / Atlas mini is the traction MRL solution for rated loads300Kg -1000kg, ideal when reduced pit and headroom is needed.

Atlas SP | Passenger lift - KLEEMANN | Hands-on-Lifts

Atlas SP Passenger lift by KLEEMANN is a high-level security system, with a full range cover, customised cabins and green energy drive and control.

Dumbwaiters | Hands On Lifts

Well-manufactured dumbwaiters that are aesthetically pleasing and ensure maximum functional efficiency and safety. Our dumbwaiters can be used wherever there is a need to move small quantities of goods from one level to another and are perfect for restaurants, libraries, hotels and many other industries.

VIMEC E20 Homelift

VIMEC E20 Homelift for residential homes or apartments. Tailor-made style and finish options to change moods or personality.

Vimec Stairlifts | Hands on Lifts | Dolce Vita

VIMEC DOLCE VITA can be installed either on the internal or external side of the stairs. No obstruction problems on the stairs since footrest, seat and armrests are completely folding. The seat and the footrest close and open together with a single movement. A range of colors for the seat and rail so you can choose the ones that best fit your home furnishings. Only a few simple gestures and the chairlift begins to be familiar.

Platform Stairlifts | Vimec Accessibility | Hands on Lifts - V64 and V65

The V64 and V65 platform stairlifts are suitable for installation both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to the innovative design features the V64 and V65 will continue to perform, even in severe weather conditions.

FlexyLIFT | KLEEMANN | Hands on Lifts

FlexyLIFT MR & MRL – Flexible hydraulic lift, ideal for any building with pit and headroom limitations for rated load from 375Kg to 1000Kg. Flexible machine room location, need just a small cabinet which contains the power unit and the controller.

Vehicle Parking Lifts & Systems | Mutrade | Hands on Lifts

Mutrade mechanical car parking equipment to increase parking spaces in limited garages. The car lift parking system is used in local government buildings, automobiles dealerships, developers, hospitals, private residential. Professional mechanical parking solution provider.

The Platform Lift S11 | Vimec Easy Moving | Hands on Lifts

The S11 platform lift ensures ACCESSIBILITY to: • Private premises (banks, restaurants, shops, offices) • Public buildings (schools, institutes) • Homes and residential buildings

Maison Traction Lift | KLEEMANN | Hands on Lifts

Maison Traction Gearless is the ideal home lift solution for rated loads up to 450 kg. It is equipped with a premium quality gearless motor and a state of the art inverter which enables outstanding ride quality combined with noise elimination and low energy consumption. Maison Traction is especially designed to achieve efficient use of space inside the shaft as well as ease of installation and maintenance.

Vimec Homelift | Hands on Lifts - home & platform lifts

Vimec offers a range of homelift and platform lifts suitable for both homes and public places (shops, offices, restaurants, etc.), and perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation. Vimec homelifts are the ideal solution for improving the comfort of the home based on the needs of each individual and the entire family. Vimec platform lifts are designed to guarantee maximum ease of use, with all the versatility and safety necessary for various types of installations, while at the same time ensuring aesthetic consistency with staircases, and any other environments with architectural barriers to be overcome.

Cabin Platform Lifts | Vimec | Hands 0n Lifts

The cabin platform lifts EcoVimec and Easy Move have state of the art structures in terms of strength, versatility and design.

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