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Hands On Lifts

EcoVimec Home Lift | Hands on Lifts

ECOVimec is intended for everyone who gives priority to their own wellbeing and that of their family. Comfortable and safe, it fits into any context, guaranteeing your home a prestige installation that will increase its value.  ECOVimec lift gives added value to all homes through simple tailor made installations, both indoors and out. Available in versions from two to five floors, it is an ideal system both for renovation projects and for new buildings: no masonry works are required.

Kleemann Design

Lifts & Elevators: Future Trend T710, Modern Life L320, Classic Athena A710, Classic Athena A310

Atlas Gigas / Atlas Super Gigas Commercial & Industrial

Atlas Gigas is the traction solution for rated loads from 1050Kg to 2500Kg adjusted to your needs. It is equipped with KLEEMANN premium quality gearless motor and inverter of leading edge technology which enable exceptional ride quality, isolation of noises and very low energy consumption. Shape the product that best fits your needs through many design options and finishings.

Goods Hoist

A range of sturdy, reliable goods hoists to swiftly and efficiently move products from one level to the next.  At Wesant, we manufacture high quality goods hoists that ensure maximum safety, compliance and functional efficiency. They are perfect for retail outlets, mining, warehousing, manufacturing and all other fields of industry.

Vimec Platform Lift: S10

The S10 platform lift ensures accessibility to private premises, public buildings, homes and residential buildings. Easy installation and safety make the S10 an ideal system for freedom of access to buildings of all types, assuring wheelchair users independent personal mobility.

Vimec: Silver / Steppy Platform Lift

The Silver platform lift is easy and safe to use, making it an ideal system for freedom of access to buildings of all types, assuring wheelchair users, independent personal mortality. The Steppy vertical platform is extremely versatile; it is available in three different versions according to the travel height…

Vimec Easy Move

Easy Move meets the needs of two different types of user: public and private facilities in search of ways of overcoming architectural barriers through an installation that fits perfectly into its environment; wheelchair users who have chosen a vertical lift as the means of moving between floors in their homes.

Escalators and Moving Walks

KLEEMANN Escalators and Moving Walks are designed to ensure both high quality construction and exceptional ride comfort. Low noise levels and minimal vibrations provide a smooth and comfortable passenger experience that will meet even the strictest requirements.

Atlas Basic SP / Atlas RL SP / Atlas Gigas SP

?utstanding ride quality Atlas Basic SP, Atlas RL SP & Atlas Gigas SP were designed to ensure both high quality and ride comfort. The low levels of noise and car vibrations fulfil even the most strict requirements. KLEEMANN uses its expertise and wide technical know-how to ensure high technology performance. It provides products for all types of passenger and freight lifts. Insuperable design and unique solutions combined perfectly to meet your needs.

Kleemann Product Chart

Lifts & Elevators: Hydraulic Lifts, Dumbwaiter, Escalators, Moving Walks, Car Park Systems, Platform Lifts, Compact Lifts

Kleemann Modernisation Solutions

KLEEMANN Modernisation offers you customised, reliable and compatible solutions. From full or partial modernisation to components’ replacement and special solutions, KLEEMANN Modernisation upgrades the user’s experience affecting both the aesthetic and the mechanical part of the elevator.

Kleemann Home Solutions

KLEEMANN MaisonLIFTS are designed for ease of use, spatial efficiency and reliability. Guaranteed performance and a fine selection of design and finishing options ensure that you can shape the product that best fits your needs.  KLEEMANN freeSTAIR system has been developed to upgrade your mobility experience. Move with unlimited freedom, feel confident and benefit from the state of the art technology, simple operation and high safety standards. A flexible system that can be entirely customised to fit your specific needs.

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