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Chase Decorator Finials, tie-backs, wood finishes - Rufflette | Kirtech

Chase Decorator Finials, Centre Pieces & Corners, Tie-backs, Curtain Poles in Wood, Retro, Leather, Newport& Shimmer (Window Dressings – Curtains

Silent Gliss | Roller Blind and Dim-Out Systems

Roller Blind and Dim-Out Systems Silent Gliss offers the most comprehensive and technically advanced roller blind and dim-out systems

Skylight Shading Systems

Roof glazing comes in all shapes and sizes, that’s why Silent Gliss developed a range of customised wintergarden and skylight systems: Elegant waves, innovative tilting panels and retractable roller blinds. Wintergarden systems are suitable for glass roofs, atriums and conservatories.

Rufflette | Chase 50 Cube

50 mm square face pole suitable for wave heading and all other headings

Silentgliss | Best Projects

Best Projects design, competition and exhibition.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: Roman Blind Systems

Roman blinds are a remarkably elegant window treatment solution. The range includes chain and electrically operated systems. All material used are rust free and UV resistant for perfect functionality and appearance over time.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track System: 5090 Autoglide

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can rely on our electric curtain track system, the made-to-measure powered curtain system from Silent Gliss, to operate your curtains automatically. The aluminium track and belt technology combines a touch of true luxury with an excellent deterrent to intruders…

Rufflette | Healthcare Systems

Silent Gliss products for Healthcare Systems.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: The Colorama Blind

The roller blind system Silent Gliss 4905 is small, trendy and colourful. The system features elegant brackets, a slim tube and a discreet bottom bar. All the hardware parts can be produced in 27 colours (plus silver). When combined with the Colorama fabric, the blind will fit perfectly with any interior design scheme.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss Best Projects

Silent Gliss focuses on smooth gliding and quiet systems that adapt to any window shape. Our products meet the needs of both the lighting and visibility of the room whilst at the same time considering the interior design.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss References

Silent Gliss’s projects completed including hotels, commercial buildings, residential buildings, public buildings, hospitals and educational buildings.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: Venetian Blind Systems

The range includes venetian blind systems with wand, chain, cord or electrical operation. Mono-controlled – one operation controls the tilting, raising and lowering of the blind. Venetian blinds are available in aluminium or wood.

Rufflette | Chase Decorator 38

38mm diameter  pole chase track suitable for light and heavy curtains.

Rufflette | Window Blind Cord Safety

Window blind cords and chains can pose a risk for babies, children and vulnerable people who could injure or even strangle themselves on the hanging looped cords.

Rufflette | Solar Shading for Modern Interiors Seminar

Silent Gliss, a leading supplier of window treatments for both contract and domestic interiors are Authorised Network Provider of RIBA CPD assessed material.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: Window Solutions for Educational Buildings

This range consists of roller blind systems, dim-out systems, curtain track systems, vertical blind systems, venetian blind systems, room dividers and cubicle tracks for medical training facilities, auditoriums, offices, classrooms, libraries, lecture theatres, dark rooms, halls, sick rooms…

Kirtech Spice finials and tiebacks

Rufflette Spice – Finials and Tiebacks (Window Dressings – Curtains

Rufflette | Silent Gliss Child Safety

The Silent Gliss Safety Device is a purpose designed integral safety device for operating cords and chains. The two-part device will separate should a weight of 6kg be applied causing the hazardous loop to ‘break away’ from the blind curtain track.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: Roller Blind and Dim-Out Systems

Manually operated roller blind systems includes chain operated systems like the Silent Gliss 4907. Manually operated dim-out systems includes spring operated-, chain operated- and crank operated systems. Electrically operated roller and dim-out blinds systems…

Silent Gliss Safety First

The Silent Gliss Safety Device each chain operated system more safe for children. Whereas chain connectors with chain break devices and safety retainers reduce the risk of strangulation to a certain level…

Rufflette | The Silent Gliss Child Safety Device

Silent Gliss offers solutions for maximum safety. This could be the optional Child Safety Device, the flame retardant fabrics or the motorised systems without cords and chains.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: Commercial Solutions

When the company was founded in 1952, Silent Gliss presented the world’s very first silent curtain track system. Further innovations followed, like bendable tracks for corner windows and the first electrically-operated curtain systems. Silent Gliss owes its lasting success to three core principles: innovation, quality and service.

Panel Glide Systems

Panel Glide Systems are perfect for today’s extensive glazed areas – choose between flat and folding panels, straight or curved tracks. The panel glide systems offer various operation possibilities: unconnected panels, connected panels, cord operated and motorised…

Silent Gliss Fabric Collection

Besides transparent, dim-out and blackout fabrics, Silent Gliss offers an exquisite diversity of materials, colours and special technical characteristics. All fabrics are flame retardant and excel through special additional attributes such as odour and sound elimination or antibacterial properties.

Wave Curtain Workroom Guide

Wave Curtain Workroom Guide is a neat and stylish curtain heading system by Silent Gliss. It is created by combining a specially designed heading tape and Wave glider-cord to get a soft and simple continuous wave effect. Advantages over traditional curtain heading systems: minimised curtain stack, simple curtain dressing…

Silent Gliss Vertical Blind Systems

Silent Gliss Vertical Blind System Vertical blinds are probably the best systems for exact light control. Perfect for the floor to ceiling applications or smaller installations, inside or outside the recess. The range of vertical blinds is chain-, crank or electrically operated and can be used for sloped and curved applications.

Rufflette Motorised Curtains

Rufflette Motorised Curtains drapery track system is for both straight and curve curtains. Quiet dc motor, wireless remote control or ca switch control dual modes.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: Curtain Track Systems

Silent Gliss: Curtain Track The range consists of hand operated curtain track systems, cord operated curtain track systems and electric curtain track systems. Using an unique glider cord contained within the track and some specifically designed finishing components, Silent Gliss offers two systems: the standard Wave and Wave XL for big size applications.

Rufflette | Retailer Support Package

Silent Gliss range of retailer products such as showroom samples, branding, literature, literature display, point of sale boards, freestanding displays and entry in the Silent Gliss Website as Partners.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: Metropole Decorative Curtain Poles

Metropole is available in up to 13 different colours in 4 different sizes. It can be decorated from a wide range of traditional and contemporary finials, midials and holdbacks. Metropole has the added advantage of functioning like a curtain track…

Rufflette | The Roller Blind - Silent Gliss 4907

We have worked hard to create a compelling package for the contract market. By developing the Roller Blind Silent Gliss 4907 and combining it with the new Basic Screen 5% you now have an extremely attractive system solution.

Rufflette | The Silent Gliss

The Silent Gliss range of classic curtains, sliding panels, folding panels, roman blind systems, vertical blinds, roller blind systems, skylights and winter garden systems, pleated blind systems and venetian blinds.

Rufflette | Digital Printing & Laser Cut

At Silent Gliss we offer a professional printing and laser cut service so that you can completely individualise your system.

Rufflette | Silent Gliss: Contemporary Design Solutions

The Silent Gliss range includes roller blind systems, roman blind systems, sliding panel systems, venetian blind systems, hand and cord operated curtain track systems, electric curtain track systems, vertical blind systems, pleated blind systems, decorative curtain poles, skylight shading systems, dim-out…

Rufflette | Company Profile

Indoor window treatments are our business. Our ability to turn wishes into concrete and desirable products and our healthy Group standing have been in the past, and will continue to be in the future…

Rufflette | The Collection Technical Information

Technical information on The Collection by Kirtech.

Rufflette | Project Showcase

Projects completed using The Silent Gliss range by Kirtech.

Rufflette | Cording Set Assembly Guide

Rufflette cording set assembly guide.

Rufflette Stainless Steel Tiebacks & Finials

Kirtech’s Rufflette range of Stainless Steel Finials & Tiebacks, inlcuding Brackets, Hooks and Rings (Window Dressings and Curtains)

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