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Thermguard DIY Buy

Installation machines can be purchased from Thermguard.

Thermguard Technical Data Sheet

Thermguard is a Cellulose Fibre Insulation which is manufactured asa fluffyfibrous matrix,allowing formaximum air entrapment between the fibres.

Thermguard Insulation Thermal Conductivity

Thermguard Insulation Thermal Conductivity

Advantages of cellulose fibre | Thermguard

Advantages of cellulose fibre Thermguard insulation is installed in buildings to improve the comfort levels of the occupants, conserve energy and ultimately slow the burning of fossil fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thermguard - Company Profile

Thermguard – Company Profile established in 1984 with the commitment to reduce the amount of wastenewspaper, which would otherwise end up in landfills

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