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Trellidor | Aluminium Retractable Security Gate

The Trellidor Aluminium Retractable Security gate is elegant and uncluttered with no visible rivets. It is ideal for environments such as coastal areas as it is made from structural steel to avoid the corrosion problems associated with these conditions and to provide additional strength. These gates are top hung and engineered to open and close smoothly. They are fully framed to enhance their strength.

Trellidor Clear Guard

Trellidor Clear Guard is manufactured using an aluminium frame with a high tensile woven stainless steel mesh panel inserted into the frame. It can be custom-designed to match most door and window configurations. This is primarily a security barrier, but the steel mesh screen blocks out mosquitoes, flies, monkeys, baboons and snakes as well as human intruders. The mesh is see-through, providing unobstructed views of the outside. This makes Trellidor Clear Guard ideal for homes, businesses, lodges and estates with a desirable outlook that needs to be visible from inside the premises while providing an excellent level of security.

Trellidor Rollerstyle

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters provide a neat, compact security solution for doors, windows, patios, bar counters, serving hatches, canteens, medical dispensaries, multi-media conference rooms and many other locations. They lock down the premises and present a formidable obstacle to intruders, making them ideal for any unoccupied premises such as holiday homes.

Trellidor Cottage Guard

The Trellidor Cottage Guard premium quality burglar bar system has few rivals on the market in terms of strength. It is manufactured using square aluminium tubing reinforced with a steel bar through the centre. This burglar proofing provides exceptional window protection in terms of strength under attack.

Trellidor Retractable Security

The Trellidor Retractable Security range of fully framed, galvanised steel sliding barriers is custom-made for doors, patios, passages, windows, stairways and retail outlet counters. Models differ in terms of strengthening features. The robust double trellis design helps protect homes and commercial buildings from a break-in. These gates are neat, compact and operate smoothly. All models are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system that locks in multiple places using just one key in a single lock.

Trellidor Fixed Security

Trellidor Fixed is our signature powder-coated galvanised steel burglar proofing for windows. It has the same double-upright trellis construction as our familiar sliding security gates and can be custom-made to protect just about any size window, small or large. These burglar bars are designed to match Trellidor Retractable Security gates, providing visually seamless protection of doors and windows. They are fully framed and have a number of other strengthening features, providing protection against attempted break-ins.

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar is an attractive, transparent burglar proofing for windows. It is ideal for estate living, hospitality establishments and homes or offices that don’t require highly visible burglar proofing. It is manufactured from transparent polycarbonate panels that can be adjusted to block out intruders as well as baboons and monkeys. Our neat design and strengthening features provide protection as well an appealing, see-through installation

Trellidor Security Shutter

Trellidor Security Shutter combines the strength and security Trellidor is known for with an elegant framed louvre panel design. To further enhance their strength, these aluminium shutters are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system. The louvres are connected internally for added security. This also ensures there are no metal components cluttering the view and spoiling the sleek look of the shutters. Trellidor Security Shutter is custom-made to suit the format of the customer’s doors and windows for seamless security with style.

Trellidor Burglar Guard

Trellidor Burglar Guard provides budget-friendly window security in a clean-lined, neat format. It is the perfect choice for homes and offices with lots of windows that need protecting and for windows that don’t need sliding security barriers.

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