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Thermally Insulated Aluminium Bullet Resistant Doors | Gunnebo

Gunnebo – Thermally insulated bullet-resistant doors.

H-Sense Infection Control | Gunnebo

H-Sense Infection Control Kit and Entrance Control Solutions The world is going through unprecedented times due to the new coronavirus pandemic. The risks of infectious diseases and their capacity to spread have become very real and closer to home than ever. Comprehensive new measures have been put in place all over the world with new concepts such as social distancing. We have all learned how to properly and frequently wash our hands or use sanitiser gel, how to wear and remove personal protective equipment (PPE), and have made it a habit to regularly check our temperature or any sign of contagion.

SafeStore 3000F: Safe Deposit Lockers for the Storage of Valuables

SafeStore 3000F is a safe deposit locker range which maximises the use of vault space and optimises visiting routines. SafeStore 3000F can be quickly and easily built inside a prefabricated vault, a concrete strong room or a safe, or installed as a free-standing unit. To suit different customer requirements and fully utilise vault heights, a range of locker heights are available…

Chubbsafes: Rifle Safe

The heavy-duty Rifle Safe is constructed from high specification materials and can be used to store guns, pistols and ammunition. The heavy duty Rifle Safe comes as a 5 gun capacity safe equipped with a gun insert and a lockable compartment as standard.

SafeBag CLX-N: Automated Transfer Safe

Designed for integration into your self-service area, SafeBag CLX-N is an automated transfer safe with 24-hour-a-day access. It is installed through the wall with both a single-column and double-column version available and its capacity can be modified according to your requirements.

Chubbsafes SecureGuard Cabinet

SecureGuard office cabinets is designed to protect your documents with maximum capacity. The SecureGuard has a single wall construction with a manipulation-proof locking system. The traditional 3 way moving bolt-work contributes to the overall security of the cabinet. The SecureGuard can be placed in any business environment where it offers effective security.

Chubbsafes Office Cabinets

Chubbsafes office cabinets allow essential documents to be protected against the effects of fire and from theft, designed for the larger organisations in mind where the volumes of critical paperwork are higher. The electronic lock can have two user codes programmed which can easily be changed by the owner whenever the need arises.

Chubbsafes Profile NT: Filing Cabinets

The Profile NT range of high quality two drawer and four drawer filing cabinets for professional storage of important documents provides up to two hours of fire protection. The Profile NT comes with both a key lock and a key-less combination lock fitted to the top drawer, locking all drawers.

Alltech RotaTech FH: Full Height Turnstiles

RotaTech FH range of heavy-duty electromechanical full height turnstiles are designed to ensure reliable unmanned pedestrian access control where pedestrians enter or exit restricted areas. The RotaTech FH turnstiles provide electronically controllable bidirectional access, available in either fail-safe or fail-lock locking configuration in the event of a power failure or emergency condition.

Airport Security Solutions: BoardSec Boarding Gate

The Gunnebo BoardSec is a specifically designed boarding gate solution used for the validation of passenger boarding passes prior to boarding the plane. The gate is designed to automate and speed up the boarding process for passengers with or without standard cabin luggage…

Chubbsafes: Omega Deposit Safes

Omega Deposit Safes can securely hold cash without the need for them to be opened. The safe is ideal for retail outlets operating remotely from central areas and in multi-shift or out-of-hours environments where key holders are not always available. Omega Deposit Safes mean that large quantities of money do not have to build up in the cash till.

Chubbsafes: Epsilon Key Safes

Epsilon Key Safes are designed to secure keys; be they car keys, office keys or site keys. It provides more protection than the typical light steel cabinets available from stationers. Epsilon cabinets have a key deposit feature on the side of the safe which allows keys to be securely deposited inside…

ImmSec FL: Immigration Gate

The Gunnebo ImmSec is a specifically designed double gate interlock solution used for the automated validation of travelers at immigration checkpoints and border crossing. The slim and ergonomic design allows the ImmSec to be installed in single or multiple lane configurations, providing an open feel to the traveler without compromise to security.

Alltech SwifTech A: Fast Folding Gate

SwifTech A range of heavy-duty motorised fast folding gates operates optimally in application areas where limited space, speed of operation and both vehicle and pedestrian fraudulent access are at stake. Excellent reliability and fast opening and closing times make it ideal for multi-story car parks and other high security applications.

Alltech Rotatech HH: Half Height Turnstiles

Rotatech HH range of heavy-duty electro-mechanical half height turnstiles are designed to provide reliable people flow regulation and medium level of security in one user-friendly and robust solution. The Rotatech HH turnstiles provide electronically controllable bidirectional access, available in either fail-safe or fail-lock locking configuration in the event of a power failure or emergency…

SafeStore Auto Maxi: Self-Service Safe Deposit Box

SafeStore Auto Maxi is a fully automated system of robotic safe deposit boxes located in a high security vault. It is a compact, effective and flexible 24-hour self-service solution. The secure room may be located on the same level as the vault or on a floor above.

SlimStile BA: Tripod Turnstile for Internal Installation

The SlimStile BA, our stainless steel compact version, offers high operating reliability in a small casework for wall-mounted or pedestal installation, ideal for sites where space is an issue. On receiving a signal from the access control system, or push button, it allows the passage of one person at a time. The status is shown on the led-way mode indicators, in entry and exit side…

Alltech CubeTech M: Manual Security Booth

CubeTech M manual security booth for conventional security entrances and is ideal for controlling movement and establishing a line of defence from the outside, into the building. CubeTech M is suitable for disabled access and comes with an anti-piggy backing electronic control system to avoid access of two people at the same time as well as a command console programmable by intercom.

Aluminium Bullet Resistant Doors

The DarTek A range of Aluminium Bullet Resistant Doors

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