Domestic Hot Water Heater Range

Bosch’s world-leading gas water heaters represent 127 years of technological endeavour. And in that time, we’ve also learnt a thing or two about customer satisfaction.

That’s why we offer generous voluntary warranties on our domestic hot water heater range. You’ll be covered for parts and labour and can enjoy a heat exchanger voluntary warranty. So choosing Bosch will keep your water hot and your stress levels cool.

We offer the largest range of instantaneous gas hot water systems in the market. So, whether you’re renovating, building a new home or replacing your existing hot water system, Bosch has a hot water heater to suit your individual needs.

The Bosch Domestic Hot Water range includes:

Gas Water Heaters WR-Range

A complete gas water heater program ensures the answer to any installation even if complicated and demanding. Every Bosch appliance has a common characteristic: the highest quality ensures greatest reliability.


Ignition Type: Battery / Hydro
Gas Type: NG / LPG
Model Number: WR11 B23 / WR11 B31 / WR11 G23 / WR11 G31

Single Point: 
Kitchen sink (for best performance)
Wash basin (for best performance)
Shower (suitable)
Bath (suitable)

Multi Point: 
Wash basin + shower (suitable)
Shower + bath + wash basin


Ignition Type: Battery / Hydro
Gas Type: LPG / NG
Model Number: WR14B31 / WR14B23 / WR14G23 / WR14G31

Single Point:
Bath – (recommended)

Multi Point:
Wash basin + shower – (recommended)
Shower + bath + wash basin (recommended)


Ignition Type: Battery / Hydro
Model Number: WR18-B23 / WR18-B31 / WR18G23 / WR18G31

Single Point: 
Bath – (suitable)

Multi Point:
Wash basin + shower – (for best performance)
Shower + bath + wash basin (recommended)