Tornado™ Full Height Turnstile

A mechanical device used to control passage from one public area to another, typically consisting of several horizontal arms supported by and radially projecting from a central vertical post and allowing only the passage of individuals on foot.

A mechanical gate or barrier with metal arms that are turned to admit one person at a time, usually in one direction only.

A movable barrier in a fence or wall.

  • Tornado turnstile is available in single/double full height turnstile and half height turnstile in mild steel and stainless steel brushed and hot dip galvanised.
  • 3 arm, 4 arm and 5 arm configuration available.
  • Robust steel frame that offers ultra secure access control.
  • Rotor has 28 horizontal U Bends as standard compared to 24 U Bends on lesser models.
  • Reader boxes are standard to the Tornado range. Reader boxes are welded to the frame and not bolted on.
  • The control logic comes standard with 24Volt battery back-up. Back-up batteries are not included.
  • Control logics can interface with any access control or ticketing systems.
  • Turnstile mechanism uses a unique keyless square shaft technology compared to lesser models that use a key to lock a shaft to sprocket.
  • Our shallow top channel and deep lid make installation more acceptable.
  • Boomgate Systems offers an industry first 7 year warranty on all turnstiles.
  • The Tornado single full height turnstile offers an ultra high level of security because of 28 horizontal U Bends as to lesser models.
  • The customer will not pay for mechanical components for 7 years under the warranty period.
  • The turnstile can be disassembled to take through normal standard doors for easy access.
  • The product requires very little maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty precision mechanism nickel plated.
  • No base bearing at the bottom of the rotor and bearings are situated in the top channel where it is protected against the elements.
  • Top rubber shock absorber limits shock load damage to mechanism.
  • Ensures quiet operation.
  • Mains power supply can be installed from the bottom or top of the unit.
  • Modular assembly provides for moving turnstiles through confined routes for final installation.
  • Easy access to electronic control modules.
  • Modular plug-in electronics provides for easy and quick repairs.
  • Programmable electronic selections i.e. Auto re-lock after a pre-determined time.
  • Power supply 220V AC step down to 24V for turnstile electronics and 12V for card reader.
  • For battery back up, just add 3x 7.5 batteries for 12V and 24V battery back up.