Hurricane Turnstiles

The turnstile is 100% locally designed and manufactured in South Africa. The turnstile is designed to handle high volumes of traffic and is 100% duty rated. The turnstile can interface with any biometric reader system or any other card reader system. All the electronic components are manufactured to ISO standards.

  • To control high volumes at very high risk areas
  • Suitable for exterior and interior or any abnormal condition
  • Where high level of security is required or for time and attendance application. Because the turnstile ensures positive entry or exit it will ensure that a person has entered or exited the premises
  • Unique keyless square shaft design
  • No keys are used to secure the sprocket to the shaft. A common source of failure
  • Designed for long-lasting reliability
  • No base bearing
  • Rotor returns to locked position after every rotation
  • 4 x absorbing rubbers are fitted between mechanisms and rotor
  • Modular 11 pin programmable logic with LED indicators
  • Control panel comes standard with 12V and 24V DC output
  • Mechanical key override for both directions
  • Solenoids are rated 100% duty cycle for trouble free operations
  • Maintenance free mechanism
  • Corrosion resistant mechanism is protected with dust covers for noise reduction
  • Case hardened locking mechanism
  • Mechanical components are Die Cast, CNC machined and laser cut to the highest precision and quality
  • P/B Boxes are welded to frame
  • Shallow top channel for easy access
  • Factory tested recorded serial numbers
  • Quiet locking and unlocking mechanism
  • Manufacturers warranty:  7 year mechanical warranty, first in S.A. and 1 year electrical warranty
  • Draw wires are supplied to reader boxes
  • Tube spacing is 120mm below reader and 40mm at reader level making it the most secure Mantrap on the market

Electrical Requirements

Power: 220V AC ± 5% 110V AC on request
Frequency: 50Hz
Power Consumption: 50W for single turnstile
Logic Voltage: 24V DC, 12V available on request
Solenoids Voltage: 24V DC, 12V available on request
Turnstile Dimensions: Single: 1675mm wide x 2135mm high
Rotor turning radius: R = 590mm
Rotor arm configurations: 4-arm = 90º
Rotor arms: 50mm x 25mm x 3mm Rectangular Tube. Rotor arms are spaced at 40mm apart at Reader level and 120mm below
Weight: Single Full Height Turnstile 4-arm = 312kg
Modular design: The Turnstile can be disassembled for easy transport. A disassembled Turnstile can pass through a standard door
Export: Turnstile arms can be disassembled and packed into purpose made pallet for export. Materials are treated for export

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Hurricane Turnstiles