Genius™ Traffic Barriers

Traffic Barriers – a device that controls the movement of vehicles in and out of premises.

The Traffic Barrier raises and lowers a boom arm in a vertical motion to close and open the roadway (to allow and stop traffic flow).

Boomgate Systems Traffic Barriers comes standard with a host of special design features.

  • Boom arm breakaway mechanism allows the boom arm to swing out of the way after an impact with a vehicle. This is to minimise damage to the boom arm and vehicle. This is a unique feature first introduced by Boomgate Systems.
  • Boomgate Systems barrier fixes to a plinth with a fish plate which allows the barrier housing to move on an accidental impact, this reduces damage to the equipment. The traffic barrier has a 100% duty cycle and can handle ultra-high levels of traffic.
  • Boomgate Systems uses 3X rubber damping devices. Our new design in rubber dampers lasts two times longer than the previous one.
  • Boomgate Systems modular control logic allows for integration with any triggering device on the market.
  • The mother board has been designed over 14 years and offers flexibility and adaptability.
  • Boomgate Systems Traffic Barriers open on power failure.
  • Left hand and right hand options are available in one unit.
  • The Boomgate Systems Traffic Barrier is very easy to install and do not require highly skilled labour to do this.
  • This product has been improved over the last 14 years. Spare parts are still available for first models unlike imported models.
  • Boomgate Systems Traffic Barriers require very little maintenance. Routine maintenance is required 3X a year for high volume sites and 2X a year for low volume sites.
  • Boomgate Systems Traffic Barrier has a very low maintenance cost.
  • The boom arm lengths 3m, 4.5m, 6m and 7m long extruded aluminium tubing powder coated in white with red reflective tape.
  • The new barrier comes standard with a boom break away system. This ensures that the boom arm stays attached to the barrier and swings away from the roadway in the event that a vehicle crashes into the boom arm.
  • The boom arm is joined to the boom adaptor with 2 nylon nuts, which will sheer in case of accidental collision with the boom arm and prevent damage to the barrier and boom arm.
  • Jack Knife kits are available for height restricted areas for up to 4.5m boom arms.
  • Left and right hand boom configurations are available.
  • Three rubber buffers are used for boom dampening to eliminate bouncing.
  • 60W 220V AC 50Hz motor gear box. 100% duty cycle. Instant reverse torque drive motor.
  • Operating temperature up to 55⁰C.
  • The boom opens to 85⁰ on power failure.
  • The cabinet is an IP54 enclosure. 1.6mm mild steel or 1.6mm 3CR12 stainless steel, 304/316 brushed stainless steel.
  • Cabinets are powder coated in red and white, but any other RAL colours are available on request.
  • Operating speed is from 2 – 4 seconds from horizontal to vertical position.
  • Modular electronics plug into all pin bases.
  • Large lockable  door for easy access.
  • Pack sizes: 400 x 400 x 1050mm excluding boom arm.
  • Mass: ±60kg.