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Scorpion™ Single Direction Traffic Flow Spike Barrier - Flush Mount

Boomgate System’s Single Direction Traffic Flow Spike Barrier is designed for heavy-duty use in high-security control applications where ongoing vehicle theft occurs through an exit or entrance only passage. The application of the single direction spike barrier is highly cost-effective as it has no electrical components. It is a strictly low maintenance access control system.

The single direction traffic flow spike barrier is designed to control traffic flow in one direction.


  • To control traffic flow in one direction and disable tyres travelling in wrong directions.
  • The Single Direction Manual Spikes is suitable for shopping malls, airports, office blocks, casino’s etc.
  • Where single directional traffic flow is required

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Scorpion™ Single Direction Spike Barrier

Boomgate Systems Scorpion™ Spike Barrier is known for High Quality Reliable access control.

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