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Scorpion™ Single Direction Traffic Flow Spike Barrier – Surface Mount

Boomgate System’s surface mount single directional barrier is designed for use in high-security vehicle control applications were ongoing vehicle theft occurs through an exit only passage. The application of the surface mount barrier is necessary on parking bay levels where the slab may not be penetrated due to potential structural damage. This makes it necessary to apply a barrier mounted to the surface.

The single direction traffic flow spike barrier is designed to control traffic flow in one direction.


  • To control traffic flow in one direction and disable tyres travelling in wrong directions.
  • The Single Direction Manual Spikes is suitable for shopping malls, airports, office blocks, casino’s etc.
  • Where single directional traffic flow is required.

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Scorpion™ Single Direction Spike Barrier

Boomgate Systems Scorpion™ Spike Barrier is known for High Quality Reliable access control.

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