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Pro Wing™ Speedstile

High speed gate

The Pro Wing Speedstile is a high speed gate designed to control high volume pedestrian access in and out of buildings, train stations, bus stops like BRT terminals.

The Pro Wing Speedstile offers low level security. We can also offer a retractable speedstile with the same specifications for high level security .

The Pro Wing Speedstile consists of 2 x slimline cabinets standing next to each other 520mm apart for a standard narrow lane and 900mm apart for a wide lane suitable for wheelchair access. Toughened glass panels comes out of the cabinet to close the lane.

Gates can be manufactured from a variety of materials, standard 10mm toughened glass, corporate logo’s can be sandblasted onto gate sections.

Cabinets available:

  • Mild steel
  • Epoxy powder coated
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Because of the fast opening and closing times of the Pro Wing Speedstile, less gates are required compared to similar products.
    • Opening speed: 1 second
    • Closing speed: 1 second
  • Pro Wing Speedstile comes with a 3 year mechanical warranty.
  • Very low maintenance cost.
  • Pro Wing Speedstile is locally designed and manufactured.
  • Spare availability ex stock.
  • Power: 220V AC 110V on request. Frequency: 50Hz 160Hz.
  • Power consumption: 350W per lane.
  • Power failure: Gate opens on power failure.
  • Fire alarm or emergency evacuation mode.
  • A trigger that latches will allow gate to open until latch trigger is removed.
  • System integration: Speedstile can integrate with any access control or any ticketing system.
  • Opening / closing time: Open 1 second and close 1 second.
  • Tamper alarm: Internal buzzer relay output to building security to take action or to lock the door and trigger CCTV.
  • Operational modes: Standard entry / exit, entry only, exit only – optional mode: entry or exit.
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