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Reception area access control equipment

A reception area is arguably one of the most influential areas in an office environment. The reception creates the first impression of the company and must have that warm welcome feeling making you believe that you are dealing with a successful company.

Although looks are important, access needs to be controlled, especially if you take into account that the reception area is also your main point of entry for your staff and customers. You don’t want uncontrolled access. Now, how do you enforce access control without creating an industrial or prison-like feeling towards clients and staff and at the same time have access control that is robust and secure without compromising the look and feel? Your access control must blend in with your surroundings.

Boomgate Systems offers a wide variety of equipment, ranging from manual, semi-automated as well as fully automated products. We do manufacturing of equipment in-house, so customisation of our products like filler rails to close open spaces that need to be closed in between the equipment is a must. The material of choice is Stainless Steel 304 brushed, as Stainless Steel blends in very well with the surroundings and is very durable. Boomgate Systems range of entrance control Speedstiles comes with fully programmable controllers, from controlling the opening and closing speed, stopping tailgating and auto-close function if no person walks through, securing your reception at all times.

Because of the nature of reception areas to be very busy, your access control equipment must be of a very high standard and must be fully functional at all times.

We have installed our solutions at a large number of blue-chip customers, ranging from law firms in Sandton, car manufacturing plants, all the way to a University in Limpopo. All of our equipment can interlink with any form of access control and is built to be user friendly as possible.

We offer the following products, specifically designed for every environment:

– 180° Pro-wing Speedstile with 24v DC Brushless motor

– 180° Automated Paraplegic Swing Gate with 24v Brushless motor

– Semi-Automated Paraplegic Swing Gate with Maglock

– Drop Arm Barrier with 24v Brushless Motor

– Pro-wing Retractable Speedgate with 1800mm high glass panels

– Stainless Steel filler rails with glass infill fully customisable

– Euro-Style Waist height Turnstile

– Cyclone Glass Half Height Turnstile

– All of the above automated products are suitable for Covid Hands-Free Access Control

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