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Waterproofing systems

For the last 70 years Pazkar has developed and manufactured sophisticated sealing and insulation materials for the construction and infrastructure industries, offering dozens of types: sealants membranes, compounds and coatings.

Pazkar allows professionals to provide outstanding sealing properties and protect buildings infrastructure from the forces of nature. Pazkar’s research and development is the heart of the company’s operation, where creativity and originality meet the most advanced technology in order to develop reliable professional and creative insulation solutions for customer’s needs.

“Bitumproof SA” is the sole distributor of Pazkar products here in South Africa and surrounding countries.  With years of experience and a formidable knowledge of waterproofing solutions, Bitumproof SA offers professional consultations; free quotations on all residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Bitumproof SA strives to provide green and environmentally friendly solutions in everything that we do. Our products are all water based, non-toxic and odourless, minimising any negative impact on the environment.

These remarkable products have been successfully applied to 100’s of projects in South Africa such as the Gautrain, Bombela, CJV, Grinaker LTA, Eskom, Sasol and throughout the world, earning our guarantee 100% waterproof.

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Bitumproof SA
keyboard_arrow_upFoundation to Rooftop Solutions | Waterproofing
Bitumproof SA
keyboard_arrow_downFoundation to Rooftop Solutions | Waterproofing

Complete rooftop waterproofing solutions including:  application and consultation of the following Bitumproof product: Rapidflex, Inopaz H20, Master Roof, Elastopaz, Elastopaz RT and Sealpaz, for the waterproofing of basement walls, water tanks, patio floors, small water reservoirs, smaal roof gardens etc.   

Bitumproof SA
keyboard_arrow_upCT-10 Sealant for Damp Balconies and Rooms
Bitumproof SA
keyboard_arrow_downCT-10 Sealant for Damp Balconies and Rooms

CT-10 is ideal for rendering floors, lavatories, bathrooms, balconies and patios impregnable to water. It can be applied to tiles, concrete and natural stone. The product creates a water repellent effect on porous tiles, in tile joints and in cracks in concrete, cement, limestone, bricks and fresh plaster and grout (after curing for at least a week). Product can be applied up to a 2-millimeter thickness. As it is transparent, CT-10 can serve as an additional sealant in the spaces between the tiles in bathrooms, balconies and patios, and can provide temporary protection for surfaces in need of repair.

Bitumproof SA
keyboard_arrow_upSeraf: Sealing Roof Ridges
Bitumproof SA
keyboard_arrow_downSeraf: Sealing Roof Ridges

Acrylic paste for adhesion of Terracotta roofing tiles. Seraf is a ready-to-use adhesive for gluing and repairing roofing tiles. Seraf acrylic adhesive was specially developed for adhesion and repairs of roofing tiles and roofing tile riders of all existing types. The adhesion is clean and has high tensile strength without formation of cracks. Seraf offers absolute resistance against moisture, ultraviolet rays and against tile loss in strong wind. Seraf is both user friendly and environmentally safe.

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keyboard_arrow_upCreating a thick waterproofing layer in one step
keyboard_arrow_downCreating a thick waterproofing layer in one step

Easyflex/Elastopaz is a water-based bituminous liquid membrane that creates a thick waterproofing layer in one step. The material features excellent adhesion, which dries to a tough, black seamless flexible waterproof membrane.

keyboard_arrow_upWant a ‘green’ roof?
keyboard_arrow_downWant a ‘green’ roof?

All too often, flat roofs are left unused where they could be utilised as extra entertainment or relaxation spaces. This dead space can be upgraded and used by installing artificial turf, such as Evergreen from Matco, Tiger Turf from Van Dyck, or Duraturf from Belgotex.  

keyboard_arrow_upWaterproofing made easy
keyboard_arrow_downWaterproofing made easy

Bitumproof SA makes waterproofing of basements, decks, retaining walls, tanks and bridges easy with Rapidflex by Pazkar. Applied using a double head spraying machine, the one nozzle sprays the Rapidflex innovative waterproofing material, whilst the second sprays the accelerator. This efficient application process means that a team of two men can easily complete up to 1000 sq. metres by themselves.


keyboard_arrow_upInoPaz H20 Application
keyboard_arrow_downInoPaz H20 Application

Bitumproof SA supplies Pazkar products to South Africa. Product lines range from bitumen-based liquid membranes, bitumen torching membranes, through Polyurethane liquid membranes, emulsions and sealants, coatings and adhesives, to thermal and acoustic insulation. As a result, Pazkar provides high quality, comprehensive proofing and insulation solutions for the construction and infrastructure industries.

keyboard_arrow_upElastopaz Bitumen Polymer Liquid Membrane Application
keyboard_arrow_downElastopaz Bitumen Polymer Liquid Membrane Application

Elastopaz is a single component Bitumen Polymer liquid membrane designed for multi purpose projects. The material features excellent adhesion, which dries to a tough, black seamless flexible waterproof membrane. Elastopaz exhibits excellent elongation and recovery properties and is suitable for high speed airless spraying applications. Moreover, Elastopaz can behave as a vapor-proof liquid membrane. Elastopaz […]

keyboard_arrow_upMaster Roof Waterproofing Application
keyboard_arrow_downMaster Roof Waterproofing Application

A two layers ultimate solution for waterproofing and roof coatings Master Roof is a white hybrid polymeric waterproofing and coating material resistant to extreme temperatures and to ponding water. Master Roof features excellent solar reflectivity and emissivity properties. The material is applied as a thick paste forming a seamless, decorative and flexible membrane that prevents […]

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