Automatic drives with integrated smoke switch

When you need aesthetic solutions with optimum safety performance, the automatic swing door drives in the GEZE “Slimdrive EMD” series are the ideal partners.

The clear design of the new Slimdrive EMD-F/R now satisfies even higher design demands as it conceals an integrated smoke switch under its sleek cover. Another design highlight is the sensor guide rail GC GR, which combines a guide rail and a sensor strip in just one product.

The Automatic Swing Door Drive Slimdrive EMD_F/R:

  • Combines a drive and smoke switch under one cover extension.
  • Is a design highlight with a height of just seven centimetres.
  • Is particularly suitable for slim profiles and tight spaces.
  • Enables the connection of several smoke detectors.
  • Meets the requirements for fire and smoke protection doors.
  • Was granted national technical approval for use as hold-open system.
  • Guarantees simple installation without additional wiring.
  • Is also available in the double-leaf variant Slimdrive EMD-F/R-IS.

The Sensor Guide Rail GC GR combines a guide rail and a sensor strip in one product and provides a coherent and aesthetic appearance. It does not hide any glass sections and is the perfect solution where limited space is available. The Sensor Guide Rail GC GR reliably secures automatic swing doors and is safety-tested, in accordance with DIN 18650 and EN 16005. The product is suitable for single and double-leaf swing doors, can be combined with Slimdrive EMD and TSA 160 NT and can easily be retrofitted.

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