Automatic doors advantages & benefits

Automatic doors for architectural use became popular in the late 1950s and are most commonly found in public and commercial buildings, but it’s not at all unusual to find them in domestic settings as well. Automatic doors offer not only convenience to users but also various additional benefits, such as energy saving, security and hygiene.

automatic sliding doors

Energy saving

Automatic doors effectively contribute to energy saving and reduce annual heating and cooling costs. Doors open only when activated and close again automatically in order to prevent outside dust from entering or from losing the cooling effect of air-conditioning.


The hands-free operation of automatic doors offer an optimal solution to places such as hospitals and food establishments where sanitation is essential. The automatics can work with all security, biometric, building management and fire control systems.


Since automatic doors can be opened without the use of hands, they offer convenience where there is a high volume of people in a busy environment, such as airports, shopping malls, hotels and public facilities.

For home use

Automatic doors for the home? Well, why not?

We are used to seeing automatic doors in office buildings, restaurants, airports, hotels, hospitals and shopping centres. These automatic operators have become integrated into our everyday lives outside our homes, but what about inside?

In older housing blocks, automatic doors are not a common sight; however, if you were to look closely at newly constructed residential units, you would see that a lot of builders and architects are choosing to integrate these products into their contemporary designs.

hospital glass sliding doors with automation

Almost any door can be automated with a simple mechanism, and with the TOPP Automatic V1, K140 and K200 systems offering the smallest and sleekest sized units on the market, both small and large spaces can comfortably accommodate a set of automatic doors.

The TOPP Automatic doors have been designed and manufactured in Italy and are the perfect balance between design, function, technology and creativity. Each device is tested individually to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Innovative technology, micro-processor controls, tested quality and reliability are combined with harmonious and elegant minimalist design, for even the most demanding architectural solutions.

Hillaldam Sliding Door Systems are the first and only company in South Africa to offer the TOPP Automatics to our commercial and residential market, backed by nationwide technical support. With over 60 years in the business of opening doors, Hillaldam is your trusted partner in all your sliding, folding, pivot, stacking and automatic door requirements.

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