Automated windows for comfort and ventilation

Automated Windows from Geze

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just automate the opening and closing of windows for everyday ventilation?

Window drive systems can do this – conveniently and securely. Ventilation drive systems from GEZE offer models to suit a wide-ranging selection of window shapes, types and sizes. There are even ventilation drive systems for skylight windows and light domes.

Ventilator switches make them convenient and easy to operate, while remote-controlled operation provides barrier-free operating comfort and with it quality of life – especially for the weak and those with reduced mobility. Weather stations ensure the automatic closing of windows in the case of wind or rain.

Electrical chain drives from GEZE are optically discreet and are recommended for vertically installed rectangular bottom, top, horizontally pivot hung swinging, pivot hung and vertically pivoted windows. They lie parallel to the window and are coloured to match the window architecture.

Electrical spindle drives are compact solutions for bottom, top and pivot casements, skylight windows and light domes, and, thanks to their high performance, are suitable for large and heavy (roof) windows. They can be used as a “direct openers” or to lie in profile, as well as in an opening and locking system.

Electrical linear drives are ideal in combination with slimline fanlight openers. The slimline design allows for elegant adaptation to the window frontage, including applications where space is limited. They can be installed to the left or right of the window, vertically or horizontally.

Scissor drives from GEZE represent a design solution for the very best room ventilation, including for broad skylight windows, which have been vertically installed and open inwards. The scissors and electrical motor are integrated within a compact casing, thus providing protection against dust and dirt.

The window drives can be connected to conventional 230-volt networks. A simple and fast installation and a retrospective fitting are both possible

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