Audio-video access control kits

Audio and video door entry control kits supplied by Legrand are effective security devices, designed to enhance safety and provide peace of mind in almost any environment. National sales manager at Legrand, Timothy Mountjoy says, “Well designed security systems for controlled access are becoming more important in South Africa. Identifying people at the door and being able to speak to them before allowing them admission is now an affordable asset that should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury.”

Legrand door entry control units, with multiple functions, improve the security of any facility – from factories to homes, shops or office buildings, hotels or housing estates.


These audio and video systems consist of slim-line entrance panels, with an aluminium finish and an elegantly designed indoor handset. Each handset incorporates a convenient gate or door release pushbutton to control the entrance gate or front door lock. An extra pushbutton is standard, to activate an auxiliary function on the gate operator or to control lighting outside the front door.

The units are easy to install and operate. The domestic video kit, for example, using only two wires, makes it easy to upgrade an existing doorbell installation to an effective security system. This allows the homeowner to communicate with the visitor and, importantly, to view whoever is at the front door or gate before allowing them access.

The video monitor and audio handset provide a clear image and good sound quality. A kit with a memory facility is also available. If a visitor arrives and the homeowner is unavailable, the system captures an image of the caller. It can store up to 32 images, recording details of the date and time of each visitor.

The audio system, with power supply that is mounted separately from the outside entry panel for greater security and improved protection, can be modified for operation off a 12V battery, providing the end user with power failure protection. The audio units are expandable with entry panels available with one or two call buttons and up to three handsets connectable to each call button.

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