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Offer the widest choice of styles, shapes, finishes and eco-friendly shutters, blinds and screens throughout South Africa

For over 30 years AMERICAN Shutters® superior quality, professional service and extensive product range have added value to properties nationwide pioneering the custom-made adjustable louvre shutter industry of South Africa. Our local and imported ranges of wooden shutters and blinds are made from the highest quality timber, best suited to withstand the harsh African sun and the threat of beetle. Our imported and local timber is sourced from sustainable forests, forests using a forest management system that ensures that the amount of production from a forest balances out with the forests natural production. Our White Teak shutters are made from timber sourced from certified Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) plantations, making it one of our most eco-friendly ranges. Our green consciousness ensures that our clients are investing in the improvement of their properties and the planet. AMERICAN Shutters® installations are professional, reliable, meticulously managed and done as conveniently as possible for our clients.

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In 1985, we introduced the ageless beauty of wooden shutters to South Africa. Since then, American shutters’ pioneering spirit, our unwavering commitment to quality and style and our innovation in both classic and contemporary interior design have seen our product range grow to include a comprehensive selection of shutters, blinds and screens.

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Designed for beauty, built for security, AMERICAN shutters' range of locally manufactured security shutters is the perfect security and privacy solution for any door or window. In keeping with AMERICAN shutters'® pioneering spirit, and our focus on on-going technological advancements in product development, we are proud to introduce the industry first 'Gear Tilt' system.

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Our Decowood shutters are our most popular, cost effective and eco-friendly range of shutters. Suited to all interior design styles, installations and function, they are hardworking and hardwearing and hard to resist!

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Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani once said, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

keyboard_arrow_upGear Tilt Security Shutters by AMERICAN shutters®
keyboard_arrow_downGear Tilt Security Shutters by AMERICAN shutters®

Clean lines, modern simplicity and an abundance of style characterises this stunning Kalk Bay house. The Gear Tilt Security Shutters by AMERICAN shutters® added the finishing touch.

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keyboard_arrow_downAMERICAN shutters on kitchen design criteria

There are five must-haves when it comes to kitchen interior design, and we’re not talking about the latest cheffy techno gadgets, we’re talking about basic design principles. These are our kitchen high-five; the most important criteria to take into account when designing a new kitchen or renovating an old one.


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Bi-fold shutters function on a system of hinges. This hinge system allows the shutters to fold to one side of each frame, creating an accordion effect when all the panels are folded to one side.

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Standard Hinged Shutter Application.

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Double Hinged Shutter Application