Polyurethane Liquid Membranes

The last few decades have seen the waterproofing community turn to new technologies based on high technology Liquid membranes.liquid applied membrane waterproofing
This new school of thought has abandoned the idea that only multi-layer systems guarantee water-tightness.

Liquid-applied systems, of which polyurethane waterproofing membranes are the prime example, offer decisive advantages particularly where seamless systems are desired; either structurally or aesthetically, and for geometrically complicated connections with ventilation outlets or upturns.

Critical to success is the correct material selection from the various alternatives on the market.


ALCHIMICA has been providing solutions to waterproofing problems for over 30 years with its extensive range of polyurethane liquid membranes which are the most versatile and long term performing of the liquid applied membrane waterproofing category of products.

ALCHIMICA are technological leaders by offering a whole range of special solutions and customized products in the following categories throughout the building:

• Foundations
• Wet rooms, under tile
• Balconies and terraces/patio
• Flooring Products
• Roof Waterproofing
• Water Tanks
• Car Parks
• Wooden Decks
• Skylights

hyperdesmo liquid waterproofing membrane

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