AI in the Construction Industry

Digitization & Artificial Intelligence in the future construction industry.

Artificial intelligence in the construction industry, digitization and remote control

AI, short for Artificial Intelligence can be an asset to the construction industry. Companies that have embraced digitization and artificial intelligent systems have seen significant growth in success and efficiency. How can this be achieved?

Construction Designs

3D planning revolutionised the construction design and nowadays with Building Information Modelling (BIM), the process is transformed further.

With BIM complex plumbing, mechanical, electrical work can be theorised in the 3D modeling design. This means the software identifies logistical challenges and works through the data to solve it. Planning is a breeze.

Environmental Standards

With smart building systems and efficient measures to sustainable best practice procedures, construction companies will get a higher green building rating. Companies will, therefore, waste fewer materials and prove positive reputation management.

Machine Learning

The ability of technology to take on unlimited amounts of data and learn from algorithms. The on-board key messaging and use of trial and error information, the computer is able to process the data and suggest improvements in future projects.

Comprehensive Databases

With the add of interlinked databases construction companies can keep track easily on stock levels, schedules, project-specific data and better assess timeframes.

Big Brother is watching

Using live video streams and image detection software, construction hazards are easily spotted in real-time to prevent any future incidents. This may include identifying a worker not wearing the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) to identifying scaffolding gaps. The advantage, this makes for a safer construction site in the future.

Robotic future?

Many believe that future construction will be done by robots. Evidence of this can be seen with self-operating and self-driving machinery. Most experts think that in the future, construction workers will be remote control operators able to control an excavator thousands of kilometers away.


With the aid of 5G networks today the future construction workers will operate machines from a single remote base, speeding up project timings.


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