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Original coatings for Africa

Africote originated in 1990 as Plastertech (PTY) LTD and was then responsible for the supply of 340,000m of internal and external cementitious colourful wall coatings used on the African Games Village, near Alexander Township in Johannesburg. It has also supplied cementitious coatings for various RDP housing projects throughout South Africa and also supplied finishing plaster to Monte Casino and the Liberty Life Building in Eastgate Office park, amongst many other prestigious projects.

In 2001 the company had a change of ownership and the trade name Africote was born, in October 2004 it was taken over by the Union Tiles group a company passionate and creative with cement products and coatings. The Union Tile Group has placed a highly motivated and experienced management team together and has grown extensively since its take over and appointment of experienced technical staff, the living assets of any successful business, as well as the existing range of coatings and floor and wall plasters.

The company distributes its exciting range of paint and tile decor products through its national distributors and any interested investors both within South Africa or in neighbouring states, are invited to discuss an exclusive distribution opportunity in your area, with our factory.

The manufactured products include a comprehensive range of acrylic interior and exterior paints, cementitious wall coatings and floor screeds as well as decorative plasters. Special effect coatings such as rust and copper paints and chalk paints to achieve an aged effect are also manufactured.

Other products include: Exterior Paint and wall finishes, Seamless Flooring  / Decorative Paints / Sealers / Waterproofing and primers.

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Africote International
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Africote International
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Africote's products and services include: acrylic paints, cement paints, wall plasters and renderings, flooring products, decorative paints, solvent based paints, surface preparation products, primers, sealers, waterproofing products, low cost housing products...

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keyboard_arrow_upAfricote discusses the use of colour to alter perceptions
keyboard_arrow_downAfricote discusses the use of colour to alter perceptions

There's no better or more affordable way to freshen up rooms and exteriors than with a new coat of paint. Painting isn't difficult and doesn't require specialised training. All you need is a little patience, practice, and some helpful advice. Recoating your walls in a different colour can change the personality of the entire room without you having to go to the expense of buying new furnishings.

keyboard_arrow_upMarbling effect on acid stained concrete
keyboard_arrow_downMarbling effect on acid stained concrete

Chemstain is an amazing user friendly topical chemical applied to concrete floors or newly plastered unpainted walls, to create a natural stain to the surface in the colour selected (4 standard colours: Bark, Moss, Rust & Blue Stone) for an extraordinary marbling effect of acid stained concrete.

keyboard_arrow_upAfricote recreates rural Italian effect with 15 plaster colours
keyboard_arrow_downAfricote recreates rural Italian effect with 15 plaster colours

Africote’s traditional Stucco is a pigmented powder based plaster, applied by trowel, to create a unique and beautiful rural Italian Plaster effect, ideal for transforming walls, vanity tops and kitchen counters.