Access solutions for the healthcare industry

Geze offers a number of solutions suitable for the healthcare sector.

Doors in foyers or internal facades such as regularly frequented entrances to gardens and care station can be made barrier-free with swing door drives such as the quiet Slimdrive EMD. Doors open silently, prompted by a movement sensor, button or mobile radio-controlled operation.

Ensuring fresh air is universally available is also not a problem – skylight wings that provide cross ventilation above hallways can be fitted to operate electronically. When connected to the central building control system, mechanical ventilation can be activated, for example when a specific concentration of carbon dioxide is reached.

Free swing door closers, such as the TS 5000 EFS, are the best option for patients’ rooms. These rooms are always fitted with free-moving doors, ideally without door closers, although this depends on the fire protection regulations. However, patients’ rooms sometimes do need to be kept shut all the time or they need to be closed during a fire. Free swing door closers ensure that the doors remain tightly closed when necessary but that, once opened, they remain firmly open.

The swing door drive ECturn enables doors to wards and rooms accommodating the elderly to be easily automated. ECturn doors can be operated wirelessly via mobile radio-operated remote controls, saving the care workers both time and labour.

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Geze Automated Solutions for the healthcare industry

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