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keyboard_arrow_upCenturion Doors | Industrial Doors
keyboard_arrow_downCenturion Doors | Industrial Doors

We manufacture, supply and fit roller shutters, roller grilles, fire shutters, inflamable store doors, jack knife doors - manual or electrically operated...

keyboard_arrow_upGeberit Specifier
keyboard_arrow_downGeberit Specifier

Specify your bathroom according to your needs with interrelating products. Get all the key product data in one file: from article numbers, technical drawings, product specifications, and pictures.

keyboard_arrow_upWall Pricing Catalogue: September 2017
keyboard_arrow_downWall Pricing Catalogue: September 2017

Imison's wall pricing catalogue September 2017...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Sinks and Mixers
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Sinks and Mixers

Roco Fittings range of sinks and mixers: undermount sinks, inset sinks, sit on sinks, rondo range of prep bowls, corner sinks, washtroughs, butler sinks, waste disposer, mixers...

keyboard_arrow_upDatlink | TIPSASA Membership Certificate
keyboard_arrow_downDatlink | TIPSASA Membership Certificate

Datlink's membership certificate to TIPSASA (Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association SA).

keyboard_arrow_upHigh Wall Inverter Energy Efficient
keyboard_arrow_downHigh Wall Inverter Energy Efficient

The energy efficient high wall inverter has a modern, aesthetic design and allows for efficient cooling and heating. It is convenient to install and easy to maintain and comes with a valve protection cover as well as blue fin protection.

keyboard_arrow_upHigh Wall Fixed Speed Energy Efficient
keyboard_arrow_downHigh Wall Fixed Speed Energy Efficient

The high wall fixed speed, energy efficient minisplit system has a modern, compact design for efficient heating and cooling. It is easy to install and maintain and comes with a valve protection cover.

keyboard_arrow_upGlobal Roofing Solutions | Concealed Fix and Pierced Fix Profiles
keyboard_arrow_downGlobal Roofing Solutions | Concealed Fix and Pierced Fix Profiles

Global Roofing's range of concealed fix profile roof sheeting, including Klip-Lok, Klip-Tite, Brownbuilt and Zip-Tek. The pierced fix profiles include IBR, Nu-Rib, Corrugated, and BR7

keyboard_arrow_upGlobal Roofing Solutions – Bond-Dek™ Composite Deck
keyboard_arrow_downGlobal Roofing Solutions – Bond-Dek™ Composite Deck

Bond-Dek is a composite steel flooring system for multi-storey steel or concrete buildings

keyboard_arrow_upSikafloor Garage: 2-part water based epoxy coating
keyboard_arrow_downSikafloor Garage: 2-part water based epoxy coating

Sikafloor® Garage is a two part, water dispersed, coloured, epoxy resin based coating. that can be used for concrete, cement screeds, broadcast systems and epoxy mortars. It can be subjected to normal up to medium heavy mechanical and chemical loading and is used for production areas, warehouses, car park decks, garages, etc.

keyboard_arrow_upAmerican Shutter Portfolio: Issue 2
keyboard_arrow_downAmerican Shutter Portfolio: Issue 2

In 1985, we introduced the ageless beauty of wooden shutters to South Africa. Since then, American shutters’ pioneering spirit, our unwavering commitment to quality and style and our innovation in both classic and contemporary interior design have seen our product range grow to include a comprehensive selection of shutters, blinds and screens.

keyboard_arrow_upHydro-Tilt Hydraulic Door
keyboard_arrow_downHydro-Tilt Hydraulic Door

Stab-A-Load introduces the new Hydro-Tilt hydraulic door, the latest technology in industrial door solutions which is revolutionising the “large door” industry.

keyboard_arrow_upGEZE Swing Door Systems
keyboard_arrow_downGEZE Swing Door Systems

The automatic swing door systems from GEZE make passing through a door easier every time when manual opening is too hard or inconvenient. They are recommended in public as well as in private buildings, when convenience, accessibility, safety and hygiene are necessary or when energy has to be saved: in shopping centres, schools, office or industrial buildings, airports, hospitals, vestibules or in individual homes.

keyboard_arrow_upGEZE Powerturn: The automatic swing door drive
keyboard_arrow_downGEZE Powerturn: The automatic swing door drive

It is a powerful example for Universal Design – made in Germany: the automatic swing door drive Powerturn opens even large, heavy doors reliably and safely. At the same time, its low overall height fits in perfectly with every design. Its unique Smart swing function also facilitates effortless manual passage through the door – for anyone and at all times. From reliable heat and smoke ventilation solutions to complex security interlocking door systems: as a real team player the powerful model from GEZE can be integrated flexibly in a wide range of different systems: a perfect fit across the product range. The Powerturn thus offers comprehensive creative freedom.

keyboard_arrow_upGlobal Roofing Solutions – Klip-Tite / Klip-Lok Dirt Retention – Technical Bulletin
keyboard_arrow_downGlobal Roofing Solutions – Klip-Tite / Klip-Lok Dirt Retention – Technical Bulletin

A brief bulletin on the dirt retention of Global Roofing's Klip-Lok and Klip-Tite concealed fixed profile roof sheets

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Wooden and Plastic Handles
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Wooden and Plastic Handles

Roco Fitting's range of wooden and plastic handles...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Legs and Castors
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Legs and Castors

Roco Fitting's range of table legs and castors...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Kitchen Accessories
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Kitchen Accessories

Roco Fitting's kitchen accessories include door bins, pullout bins, recycling bins, aluminium kick plates, spice trays, cutlery trays, drying racks, pullout pantries, spice larders, wine racks, pullout ironing board, carousels, vegetable baskets, roller shutter doors, pullout larders...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Ironmongery
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Ironmongery

Roco Fitting's range of ironmongery: The invisi lock, central locking systems, mortice locks, drawer locks, push locks, slam locks, screws, fasteners, pneumatic equipment and tools, silicones and adhesives and tubing...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Electrical & Lighting
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Electrical & Lighting

Roco Fitting's electrical and lighting catalogue. Tool-free LED under cabinet lighting - versatile design for quick applications in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets and more...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Drawer Runners
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Drawer Runners

Roco Fitting's range of drawer runners...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Contemporary Handles
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Contemporary Handles

Roco Fitting's range of contemporary handles: bar handles, flat square handles, cone handles, retro handles, bench handles, steel rod handles, neptune handles, cover handles, common handles, hanger handles, straight edge handles, arch handles, curveline handles, wave handles, assorted knobs...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Concealed Hinges
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Concealed Hinges

Roco Fitting's range of concealed hinges: FGV hinges, clip on hinges, slide-on hinges, glass door hinges, anti-slam device, push to open hinges, wall hanging bracket, lift mechanisms, folding door systems, CABX hinges...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Components and Consumables
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Components and Consumables

Roco Fitting's range of components and consumables...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Bedroom Accessories
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Bedroom Accessories

Roco Fitting's range of bedroom accessories includes shoe racks, belt racks, tie racks, wardrobe clothes lift, Domino sliding door system, pullout shoe racks, trouser/skirt racks, jewellery organiser, pullout revolving mirror...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Bar Handles
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Bar Handles

Roco Fitting's range of bar handles...

keyboard_arrow_upRoco Fittings | Antique Handles
keyboard_arrow_downRoco Fittings | Antique Handles

Roco Fitting's range of antique handles...

keyboard_arrow_upTerracrete: Permeable Concrete Block Paving
keyboard_arrow_downTerracrete: Permeable Concrete Block Paving

Terracrete is a versatile eco-surface hard lawn paving block. From an aesthetic point of view, they are very versatile. A grass driveway, a rustic gravel driveway, or an attractive pattern of pavers can add the finishing touch to a custom home...

keyboard_arrow_upTerracrete: Permeable Concrete Block Paving (Wet Cast)
keyboard_arrow_downTerracrete: Permeable Concrete Block Paving (Wet Cast)

Terracrete is a versatile eco-surface hard lawn paving block. The units can be laid in different patterns and may be used with or without ground anchors for the lining of riverbanks and other areas subjects to soil erosion. The paving of grassed roads and parking areas, as well as the stabilising of steep embankments such as bridge abutments, can be undertaken with these versatile blocks...

keyboard_arrow_upCarrara Granostone
keyboard_arrow_downCarrara Granostone

Carrara Granostone is a high build textured granite coating suitable for interior or exterior use on either new or previously painted walls that have been properly prepared.