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A substitute for scaffolding or long ladders

Afrostilts are ideal for handling overhead jobs and allow the user to walk and work freely.Afrostilts, available from the Cape Town-based company of the same name, are designed to offer a convenient and easy-to-handle substitute for conventional scaffolding or long ladders.

The height-adjustable strap-on stilts are designed to imitate the natural movements of the legs of the human body, so they allow for ankle movement and enable the user to walk, stand and work freely, without assistance.

Afrostilts are ideal for handling overhead jobs: the installation of ceilings or drywalls, painting, electrical wiring, indoor and outdoor fittings and décor, as well as tree trimming. They are made of lightweight, high quality, aircraft grade aluminium and magnesium, with replaceable soles mounted on tough nylon plates, and are CE certified.

There are four different models available. Each is height-adjustable within a given range, from a minimum of 380mm up to 580mm, to a maximum of 1 215mm up to 1 625mm. The stilts can carry weights of up to 102kg. They are easy to assemble and adjust, with a deep heel cup and adjustable heel brackets for a neat fit and webbing straps large enough to accommodate steel-toe boots. If preferred, safety boots can be mounted to the foot plates instead of using straps.