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Roof Ventilator

Roof Ventilator - Completed Project

EuroCO EC-Certificate of Conformity

In March 2011 the updated SANS 10400 Building Regulations were published. Section 4.42 of Part T of the SANS 10400 Building Regulations relates specifically to smoke control. Section 4.42.3 stipulates that “In any smoke ventilation or heat ventilation system, the applicable equipment shall comply with the requirements of the relevant part of EN 12101”.

European Norm (EN) Standards are written by CEN, the European standards organization. The written standards detail the performance characteristics required of products to allow construction works to meet six essential requirements to achieve a minimum safety requirement. The EN 12101 series of standards cover products in the field of smoke control.

EN 12101-2:2003 specifies requirements and gives test methods for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators which are intended to be installed as a component of a natural smoke and heat exhaust system.

Compliance of natural smoke and heat ventilators with the requirements of this standard shall be demonstrated by:

The RVI-Colt EuroCo ventilator was designed by Colt International and has successfully passed the EN 12101-2:2003 ‘Initial Type Testing’ regime. The Colt EuroCo roof ventilator is currently being sold throughout Europe and full test details are available on request.

In the knowledge that the Colt EuroCo roof ventilator met the stringent test requirements and that the ventilator has a noteworthy track record, RVI through its distribution and manufacturing licensee agreement with Colt International contracted VdS; the German accreditation body who undertook the ‘Initial Type Testing’ of the Colt EuroCo roof ventilator, to carry out a ‘Factory Production Control’ audit at RVI’s Modderfontein manufacturing works.

In essence it is the objective of the ‘Factory Production Control’ audit to ensure that every smoke ventilator that is manufactured by RVI is manufactured in exactly the same way and to the same standard as the initial Colt EuroCo roof ventilator that passed the original ‘Initial Type Testing’.

VdS carried out their ‘Factory Production Control’ audit at our Modderfontein manufacturing works on the 16th and 17th of January 2012. RVI was informed on the 20th January 2012 that we had successfully passed the audit.

RVI used the Nicolway Shopping Centre project for their ‘Factory Production Control’ audit which enabled RVI to become the first South African roof ventilator manufacturer to manufacture smoke ventilators that meet the stringent international product standard EN12101-2.

The Nicolway Shopping Centre is the first shopping centre in South Africa to be fitted with EN 12101-2:2003 compliant smoke ventilators.

The availability of locally produced, fully certified, EN 12101-2:2003 compliant smoke ventilators is a major step towards improving smoke control in South Africa and in helping increase life safety standards.

Robertson Ventilation Industries is committed to ensuring that all its products meet international best practice and manufacturing standards. The EuroCo Ventilator is only the first of many EN Certified products in the RVI Smoke and Fire Range.

First locally produced, fully certified, EN 12101-2:2003 compliant smoke ventilators. 

  • Wide range of applications – EuroCo is classed as a dual purpose ventilator, providing both day to day and smoke control ventilation.
  • High performance – EuroCo is aerodynamically efficient and has a high resistance to weather.
  • Proven Performance – EuroCo has been exhaustively tested and certified to EN 12101-2: 2003 in accredited third party test laboratories.
  • Easy to Install – EuroCo is delivered fully assembled to site and may be installed at any angle from 3’ from the horizontal to the vertical.
  • Weathered ventilation – EuroCo can be installed onto a ventilated upstand module for natural ventilation irrespective of weather conditions.
  • Durable - Euro Co is manufactured from tough, corrosion resistant aluminium, alloy, grade 3005 in accordance with  EN573-3 with stainless steel fixings.
  • Quality of manufacture – EuroCo is manufactured under the BS EN 9001 quality standard. Each unit is given a functional test before despatch.
  • Wide range of applications-Dual purpose ventilator
  • EuroCo is also often used as a termination piece for large ducted or air handling systems.
  • There are pneumatic, electronic or hand held controlsand wide range of louvre types, accessories and finishes.
  • High Performance
  • Proven Performance
  • First EN Certified Ventilator in South Africa
  • Easy to install
  • Quality of manufacture
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable 

Robertson Ventilation Industries is committed to ensuring that all its products meet international best practice and manufacturing standards.

  • EuroCo is tested to and in compliance with EN12101-2.
  • Material - All principal components manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium alloy grade 3005 in accordance with EN573-3, with stainless steel fixings.
  • Sizes – Six Width options and 13 Length options available.
  • Louvre Blades – Single skin aluminium / Insulated double skin aluminium.
  • Controls – 24v dc or 230v ac OPV addressable electronic, failsafe open and close or power to open and close.
  • Paint Finishes – Mill finish, polyester powder coated to RAL colour or with a special finish such as PVF2. 

Q: What type of guards do you provide?

A: Factory fitted Bird guard / Insect guard / Security guard / burglar guard.

Q: What is the finish look of the ventilator? 

A: Mill finish aluminium / polyester powder, Paint finish.

Roof Ventilator

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  • Roof Ventilator
  • Roof Ventilator
  • Roof Ventilator - Completed Project
  • Roof Ventilator
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