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Parthos Wood Folding Doors - Pella (Glass Brick Warehouse)

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About Parthos Wood Folding Doors - Pella (Glass Brick Warehouse)

Business established in 1984 to market the wide range of Parthos wooden folding doors and acoustic partitions.

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Mono Spacers - Folding Walls & Folding Doors

The single panels form the basis of a robust accordion-style folding wall that is very easy to use.
Palace - Movable Walls

The Palace series, especially, is proof of this: a durable movable wall that is extremely easy to operate.
Phonic Progress - Acoustic Folding Walls

Two types of Parthos acoustic folding walls are available: the Phonic and the Progress.
President - Moveable Glass Walls

Movable glass walls offer a variety of applications: in shops, hotels, cafes and restaurants and government, banking and insurance buildings.
Glass Brick Warehouse

Glass Brick are very versatile and can be used for windows, stairwells, shower-screens, interior and exterior walls.
Solaris and Economy Glass Bricks

Glass Brick Warehouse\'s range of Solaris and Economy Glass Bricks.
Solaris Quicktech Systems

Solaris Quicktech System can be used for bathrooms, kitchens, furniture and as a room seperators.

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Parthos-Pella Spacers

For more than thirty years, Parthos-Pella has been one of the most important European manufacturers of movable wall systems and folding doors.