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Infraset - A Division Of Aveng (Africa) Limited

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About Infraset - A Division Of Aveng (Africa) Limited

Infraset is a specialised operation within the Manufacturing Division of the Aveng group. It was formed with the specific objective of pooling the precast concrete products of the group to provide customers with a focused range of products and services. This streamlined presence in the industry allows Infraset to use its heritage of excellence in the provision of concrete infrastructure products to scale new heights of service and delivery to clients. Infraset manufacture and supply a wide range of paving, retaining wall systems, hollow building blocks, precast embankment seating, concrete roof tiles, river bank and sea wall protection, erosion control and reinforced concrete products.

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Landscaping: Introduction

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset's world-class concrete products for eco-friendly and sustainable development.

Landscaping: Paving

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset supplies a wide range of paving options, the range includes Uni-Decor, Village Cobble, Classic Cobble, G-Blok Cobble, Villa (flagstone), bush-hammered, high-gloss and exposed aggregate finishes.

Landscaping: Embankment Seating System

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset's embankment seating provides cost-effective seating solutions for major stadiums, schools, parks and public spaces.

Landscaping: Kerbs

A wide range of kerbs manufactured to SABS standards and accurate tolerances. It is available in several colours, are easy to install and are designed to withstand the harshest operating enviroments.

Flooring: Suspended Concrete

FloCon Hollow Prestressed Suspended Flooring System

Infrastructure Product Range

Precast Concrete Pipes, Culverts, Manholes, Kerb Inlets, Channels & Drains, Air Valve Chambers, Median Barriers, Sump/Pump Stations Chamber; Toilets, Wash Troughs, Bus Shelters.

Roofing: Concrete

Building Products Concrete Roof Tile Product Range Roofing Sunset, Horizon, Vintage

Landscaping: Retaining Walls

A wide range of attractive retaining walls with exceptional features.

Paving: Permeable Interlocking Concrete (PICP)

An introduction to Aveng Manufacturing Infraset's permeable interlocking concrete paving. 

World-Class Concrete Products

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset produces a diverse range of precast concrete products to world-class quality standards, including an innovative and diverse range of landscape products. Several of these products have made a substantial contribution to sustainable and ecologically friendly environments.