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Kwikot (Pty) Ltd

Domestic Solar Water Heaters

Solar Collector Panels, Vacuum Tubes and Solar Installation Accessories

High Pressure Systems

  • Kwiksol Solar Water Heaters Direct System for Frost Free and Non Freezing Areas and for Frost and Freezing Areas
  • Kwiksol Solar Water Heaters Indirect System for Frost and Freezing Areas

Cistern Type Systems

  • Kwiksol Cistern Type System
  • Kwiksol Solar Installation Components and Accessories

Domestic Electric Water Heaters and Accessories

  • 600 Dual Electric Water Heaters
  • 600i Dual Electric Water Heaters
  • MegaFlo i Dual Electric Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heater Spares & Accessories
  • Capacity Selection Guide
  • Electric Water Heater Installation Components (including geyser blankets)

Domestic Sinks, Preparation Bowls...

Stainless Steel Sinks, Preparation Bowls, Wash Troughs, Sink Accessories, Plumbing Kits and Cleaning Crème

  • Standard Range
  • Classique Range
  • Classique Plus Range
  • Classique Sink Accessories
  • Octi Plumbing Kits
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Crème

Kwikpump Heat Pumps

  • Kwikpump Domestic Heat Pumps
  • Kwikpump Industrial Heat Pumps

Domestic Point of Use Electric Water Heaters

  • Prisma Classique

Light Commercial Electric Water Heaters

  • Megaflo 450lt Electric Water Heater

Industrial Bulk Water Systems and Accessories

  • Bulk Hot Water Tanks
  • In-Line Water Heaters
  • Chiller Storage Tanks
  • Parts and Accessories

Pressure Control Valves

  • Mono Valves
  • Multi Valves
  • Mono Box

Domestic Geyser Drip Trays

  • Domestic Geyser Drip Trays

Domestic Food Waste Disposer

  • Waste Wonder

Commercial Stainless Steel Products

  • Commercial Stainless Steel Products

Instant Boiling Water Dispensers

  • Kwikboil White Appliance
  • Kwikboil Stainless Steel