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The Duro Industries group of companies is one of southern Africa's largest manufacturers of steel windows, doorframes and related products. Steel windows: manufactured from Mittal rolled steel sections to SABS specifications. Can be factory fitted with burglar bars. Fittings either brass or chrome plated. Other products from Durowin include: Duriview windows, Natural Creations windows, Cliscoe windows, Easybuild windows, French doors and Sidelights, Secure-A-Door, entrance doors, door frames and transformer room units.

Steel windows
All standard and non-standard window types including residential, industrial and school type windows. Ranges include awning type windows in standard and non-standard configurations.  

Industrial windows
Pivot and bottom hung windows giving maximum ventilation, glazed internally for ease of glass replacement.

School windows
Pivot and bottom hung windows glazed externally in standard and non-standard sizes.

Cliscoe windows
Suitable for mass and low cost housing, eliminates the need for the use of concrete lintels, manufactured to suit any weather conditions and suitable for any brick or block size.  

A range of projection out steel windows with concealed hinges and modern handles. Can be factory glazed upon request.  

Natural Creations
A range of sliding, folding and projection out windows with gentle sweeping curves. Can be applied to all steel windows.  

Custom made steel windows
Steel windows can be manufactured to meet numerous requirements of architects and developers.

Easybuild aluminium window
The new Easy Build aluminium window with its patented design from Durowin is an innovative complete window system. Not only is it easy to install but it is easy to maintain as well. Each window is individually packaged and supplied as a complete unit ready to be built in. The Easy Build aluminium window is not only rigid and strong but also aesthetically pleasing. The outer frame is manufactured from pressed metal whilst the window is supplied with factory fitted powder coated aluminium vents and fixtures. Windows are supplied already glazed with aluminium glazing beads and rubber gaskets with equal clean glazing lines. The pressed metal outer frame, which is solidly built into the brickwork, can be manufactured to suit any brick size. Once installed
, the windows are rigid, strong and no lintel or sill is required. Easy Build aluminium windows are available in various sizes and different finishes i.e. pre-galvanised, powder coated or paint finish.

French doors
A complete range of French doors and sidelights in standard and non-standard sizes are available, with various hinging and lock options.  

Steel doors and frames
A complete range of steel doorframes and door panels, including transformer and combination doors.  

Prison windows and doors
A full range of windows and doors for prisons, police stations and courtrooms. Manufactured to various specifying authorities
' requirements, utilising unique security functions.  

Steel cottage pane sliding doors with secure locking systems. No need for expandable steel grilles for security. Made in various standard sizes.  

Cliplock doorframe
Self-assembly system for doorframes. Not only is it easy to transport but it is easy to store as well. Each frame is individually packaged and available in standard sizes. Doorframes are universal, suitable for left and right hand and include pre-installed hinges and striker plates. This doorframe assembles into a ready to use frame, which is rigid and strong.

Steel entrance door
High security steel entrance door with anti-theft features. The door panel has concealed hinges and a seamless anti-prying protective seal that effectively prevents any would be criminals from forcing open the door by drilling or prying.







Natural creations

Custom made steel windows

Cliplock doorframe

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