Bitcon Industries
Rubidor, Anti Bandit, Hippo, Polar

Fire & security doors

Rubidor fire doors control and confine fire by limiting its lateral and vertical spread. Bitcon manufactures a range of single and double hinged fire doors as well as fusible link operated automatic sliding doors.


Doors are tested to the South African Bureau of Standards test standard SABS 1253:2003, recognised by the National Building Regulations.

Composition and manufacture

Doors are manufactured from a monolithic magnesium oxychloride core, finished in plywood with hardwood edging and supplied complete with mild steel frame.


Hinged doors are available in standard sizes and non-standard sizes up to 1000 mm (W) x 2 400 mm (H). Sliding doors are manufactured to suit openings up to 3 800 mm (W) x 4 700 mm (H).

Fire rating

Class A - Low fire hazard areas: Stability one hour, Integrity and Insulation 30 minutes.
Class B - Fire escape areas such as stairwells and lift lobbies in commercial type environment: Stability two hours, Integrity and Insulation one hour.
Class D - High fire hazard areas such as storage factories, inflammable stores and for the compartmenting of buildings: Stability, Integrity and Insulation two hours.
Class E - Residential and low hazard maximum double storey occupancy: Stabilty, Integrity and Insulation 30 minutes. 

Security doors

Anti Bandit, Hippo and Polar are manufactured to suit varying security applications. Security doors are available in sizes up to 1 000 mm (W) x 2 032 mm (H). Tested to SABS test standard 1658 - 1996. The Anti - Bandit  door is also available with a tested and certified 105 minute fire rating. 

Lead-lined doors

A range of single and double hinged and sliding lead-lined doors that provide efficient protection against radiation in medical, technical and research work environments.

Transformer doors

Single and double hinged doors and frames with or without louvre vents.

Security gate

The 'Spartan' security gate is designed to provide above average security and visual accessibility.

The gate is available in a single format only and can also be used in conjunction with and on the opposite side of the frame in which the Bitcon bullet resistant doors are fitted.

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