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ACDC Dynamics

Electrical products

Established in 1990, we are the leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality products in the electrical industry. With branches in Johannesburg (H/O), Cape Town, and Durban we are positioned to provide quality of services and products at affordable costs.

AC/DC Dynamics markets industrial electrical equipment to OEM’s and electrical wholesalers throughout Southern Africa and is recognized in having the widest range of products in stock in one South African full colour catalogue offering the best in "one stop shopping". Historically, AC/DC Dynamics has specialized in the pumping and irrigation industry as water is one of Africa’s most precious resources.

Products include:

Automation products
Level, Pumps and telemetry
Power supplies and transformers
Motor control
Circuit breakers, fuse gear and isolators
Terminals, insulators and copper
Pushbuttons and pilot lights
Surge, temperature and noise protection
Temperature controls
Capacitors and PFC
Limit & pressure switches and sensors
Multipole and appliance connectors
Alarms and speakers
Flameproof and telephones
Crane and vehicle controls
Test instruments, tools and gensets
Wiring accessories
Enclosures and fittings




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